Affiliate Marketing As a Source Of Passive Income For Bloggers: MasterBundles Case

During our lifetime we might have different dreams and goals. All of them usually arise from our backgrounds and psychological features.

However, one thing that we all have in common is the desire to be happy. Even though the process of achieving happiness is quite difficult and includes a lot of psychological factors, we would agree that such a thing as passive income could make a difference in our routines and bring a little bit more happiness.

Blogging can be one of the resources for passive income. Moreover, receiving money this way is easier than renting an apartment or investing in long-term stocks.

There are several ways of passive income for bloggers. Maybe you are acquainted with some of them that include selling courses, and e-books, creating private communities, advertising networks, and dropshipping programs. However, one of the most misunderstood passive income sources is affiliate marketing. In this article, we will dispel all the myths and tell you how you can start using affiliate marketing to your advantage.


What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing involves mentioning a product or service by sharing a unique link that is attached to your name. You will get the percentage of sales each time a person will purchase through your link. 


How does it happen?

  1. You receive a unique link to the product on the website;
  2. After that you should show this link on your blog and get people interested in following it;
  3. Subsequently, a person clicks on the link and buys the product if he or she is really into it;
  4. The affiliate network records the transaction and you receive the percentage of the sale.


Advantages you get from the work in affiliate marketing

Quick start with no risks

Unlike other sources of passive income, affiliate marketing has no risks and everyone can start working there. For sure, money won’t come out of the blue. You need to invest your time to get people interested in following the link and buying something. 

However, if you share the link with the correct target audience, sales and thereafter your income will grow.


Easy setup and implementation

The registration and the whole process of getting your unique link don’t take much time. Moreover, websites are usually interested in affiliates, that’s why they do everything to make this work easier and more appealing.



Your work time and the number of clicks on the links are not limited.

You can make your schedule and decide where it is better to share the links and how many clicks you want to get. No one is watching your work and telling you what to do.

Considering these advantages you might have a question in your head about what platform you should choose. One of the websites where you can work as an affiliate is MasterBundles. Do you want to get more? Continue reading.


How to Earn as an Affiliate On MasterBundles

What is MasterBundles?

MasterBundles is a web design platform for creative people. On this webpage, you will find thematically crafted visual tools, the most popular ones include:


  1. Presentation templates that can be made specifically according to the topic you need and include a bunch of editable designs;
  2. Illustrations, SVGs, patterns, textures, clipart;
  3. High-quality photos;
  4. Different types of fonts.

You can cooperate with MasterBundles being a vendor, a customer, or an affiliate. But today we want to focus more on the affiliate type of earning money.



Benefits of working as an affiliate on MasterBundles

With MasterBundles it is easier to make money online, as the founders are constantly improving the cooperation terms. So let’s take a look at the affiliate’s benefits.

  1. You can get a passive income earning about 500$ a month after making 5 sales per day. Any doubts? You can see a table with a brief calculation of the profit you can get. 
  2. Moreover, thanks to the convenient interface, the registration process and getting your unique link takes only several minutes.
  3. Also there is a huge list of products to choose from, which you can weigh up and pick up the ones that will be interesting for your target audience.
  4. You may also pay attention to the withdrawal process being quite easy. You can get any amount of money when you want;
  5. And finally, the work itself doesn’t take much time or effort, especially if you know people who are interested in web design. All you need to do is just send them the message with the link.

As you can see, working as an affiliate is quite beneficial. Even if you don’t have enough followers, you can still set this type of work. Continue reading to get to know the advice that will help you. 


Four  tips for someone who wants to win affiliate marketing

Know your audience

If you want to be successful in affiliate marketing, the first thing you need to do is to study your audience. Even though it may take quite a long time, it will help you in perspective. 

You need to know how the product you advertise can help people and make their life easier. Focusing on the needs of your target audience will help you both pick up the right content and write engaging ads.


Be trustworthy

Nowadays, getting new followers is quite difficult, not to say about gaining their trust. When you share the link to any product, remember to be honest. You should recommend it only if it is worthy and help your readers solve any problems.


Analyse the stuff and follow design trends

If you want to engage your audience and be helpful, you ought to set your eye on trends. How? Just watch videos on YouTube or TikTok and read visual-based blogs. One of them is a Design Blog on MasterBundles. 

There you will find some inspiration and thematically grouped crafted items. Spending some time scrolling will help you choose the best options for your followers.


Start with free visuals

There is a vague possibility that people are waiting for your link to spend money. In fact, we, humans, don’t want to spend money at all and are endlessly happy when we get extra free stuff. Even though most of us don’t use the things that we get for free, those kinds of items are still pleasurable for us. Actually, that’s how you can show your care and respect. After it, people are likely to have more willingness to pay for something after getting a little present.

On MasterBundles there are some free design elements that can be handy for designers. All of them are unique and have high quality.



Wrapping it up 

If you are working as a blogger and looking for an additional income source, affiliate marketing is worth considering. Sharing links on the products several times a month can give you a steady passive income. But remember to focus on the quality of your research and ad, not on the number of shared links.

Whatever platform you choose for affiliate marketing, we wish you luck and work satisfaction!