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Blogging Tips

Free Instagram Highlight Icons

Examples of Blogs

Free Instagram Highlight Icons Have you been looking for the best free Instagram highlight icons you can use to add cohesive branding your Instagram Story highlights? Instagram highlight icons, also known as Instagram highlight covers, are images you can use as a “cover” for the Instagram stories you have displayed on your Instagram profile. They’re […]

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The Perfect Pin Checklist

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Blog?

How to Design the Perfect Pin Pinterest is one of the most important tools for bloggers and it can be an incredible way to drive traffic, get subscribers, and make sales. The first step, though, is designing Pinterest graphics that are eye-catching and click-worthy. If no one is clicking on your pins and coming to […]

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5 Types of Blog Posts Every New Blogger Needs to Write

How to Start a Blog

5 Types of Blog Posts That Drive Traffic So you¬†started a blog… now what? What types of blog posts should you write? You’re not alone if you’ve spent hours staring at your blinking cursor on a blank blog post, wondering what on earth you should write about. Starting a blog is the easy part, but […]

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What Is a Blog? Explanation of Blogging Terms for Beginners

What Is a Blog

What is a blog? If you’ve stumbled across my website, chances are it’s because you’re curious about blogging and interested in starting your own blog. However, I know that the world of blogging can be confusing, especially when you are just starting out. That’s where I can help! I created this helpful, to-the-point guide to […]

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7 Blog Niches That Make Money and Get Traffic

7 Blog Niches That Make Money and Get Traffic

The Best Blog Niches That Make Money + Examples This post is all about the best blog niches that make money and get traffic. If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog then you may have heard that it’s important to have a blogging niche. A niche is simply a topic that you blog about. […]

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