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Free Instagram Highlight Icons

Have you been looking for the best free Instagram highlight icons you can use to add cohesive branding your Instagram Story highlights?

Instagram highlight icons, also known as Instagram highlight covers, are images you can use as a “cover” for the Instagram stories you have displayed on your Instagram profile. They’re a great way to make your Instagram profile look more cohesive, because all the highlight icons will match.

For example, if you have an Instagram story highlight called “Travel” with all your travel stories saved under it, you might use an airplane icon as the cover.

Here are 5 sets of free Instagram story highlights icons that available for you to download, along with some of my other favorite highlight icons!


How to Start a Blog

While having an Instagram account is great, if you really want to grow an audience and make money online, I highly recommend that you also start a blog. It’s super easy and can literally be done in less than an hour!

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Now onto the free Instagram highlight icons!


1. Millennial Pink Instagram Highlight Icons

Grab this set of millennial pink Instagram highlight icons from Lori at Guitar and Lace. She also had two other free sets you can choose from.

Free Instagram Highlight Icons


2. Pink and White Instagram Highlight Icons

These pale pink and white Instagram highlight icons are available to download for free from Larissa at Puderperlen.

Free Instagram Highlight Icons


3. Creative Instagram Highlight Icons

Looking for some colorful icons to use for your creative business? Grab this free set of Instagram highlight icons from Kiley at Kiley in Kentucky.

Free Instagram Highlight Icons


4. Rose Gold Instagram Highlight Icons

Emily from Emily Marie’s Tips and Tricks has a set of super cute rose gold Instagram highlight icons you can download for free.

Free Instagram Highlight Icons


5. Minimal Pink Instagram Highlight Icons

Looking for some simple and minimal icons? Download this free set of Instagram highlight icons from Macey at Be Bold Design Studio.


How to Start a Blog

Are you interested in starting a blog of your own?

Instagram can be great, but you don’t own your platform. You don’t have any control over your account and your audience, and you’re at the whim of Instagram’s algorithm and policies which can change at any time.

With a blog, you have 100% control of your content.

Blogging is a great way to make money online. I made over six figures last year from blogging, and I enjoy blogging a LOT more than Instagram.

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Free Instagram Highlight Icons

I hope you enjoyed these free Instagram highlight covers!

Instagram highlight icons are one of the best ways you can make your Instagram profile look cohesive and professional, and catch someone’s eye right away.

Have fun beautifying your Instagram account with these icons!