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There are plenty of ways you can increase traffic to your blog, but one route you shouldn’t pass up on is Instagram. Why Instagram? Unlike on other social media platforms, over 75% of Instagram users take action after seeing ads on the app or site. They either make a purchase or go out of their way to visit a brand’s website to learn more — making Instagram an especially valuable resource for your blog.

With this in mind, here are some of the ways you can promote your blog on the popular photo-sharing platform:


Keep in touch with your readers through Posts

The most straightforward way you can promote your blog is by posting. However, it’s important to know how you can make every post count. Since Instagram is a photo-sharing platform, it pays to post breathtaking pictures and videos that can pique the interest of your followers.

Your gorgeous photos or videos should come with a clever caption that can draw readers in. It should also come with thoughtfully curated hashtags. The right ‘Instagram Hashtags for Bloggers’, can maximize your exposure and reach. Just be mindful of keeping it under 30 hashtags per post, and avoiding banned words!

Lastly, as with any other social media site, the key to making Instagram work for you is by being consistent. To make sure that you are able to post regularly, use scheduling apps like Planoly, which can help you plan your content at the beginning of every month.



Use Stories to publish teasers

Published posts aren’t the only ones that need promoting, upcoming ones should be boosted, too. This is where Stories can be of great help. They can be used to publish creative teaser videos and graphics. What’s even better is that Stories come with a lot of engagement-boosting features. Later’s guide to Instagram Stories for businesses lists six of these: poll stickers, emoji slider stickers, question stickers, quiz stickers, chat stickers, and a live video function.

• Poll Stickers offer a quick and easy way for you to interact with your readers. Usually, the most simple ones, so long as they are related to your blog niche, work best.

• Emoji slider stickers are another easy engagement tool. You can use them to get a pulse of what your followers are feeling about an upcoming piece.

• Questions Stickers can help you gather feedback and build genuine connections with your followers. Through this feature, you can pose questions to your followers, and they can ask you anything, too.

• Quiz Stickers are a great way to get your audience excited about a piece. They can be used to share fun facts you will be discussing more in your upcoming post.

• Chat Stickers can be used to set up a quick chat forum. With up to 32 participants, they can help you interact with readers in a more intimate and personal manner.

• Going live is another strategy to boost engagement. It triggers notifications to followers and can encourage tons of questions and comments.


Work with others in a related niche

Aside from focusing on “likeable” Stories and Posts, another way you can expand your reach and grow your Instagram followers is by actively following, liking, and commenting on other people’s content. Business News Daily’s article on using Instagram for business notes how this allows you to form valuable connections and helps you become more visible to users who already follow bloggers like you.

If you have friends in the blogging world, you can ask them to give you a shoutout in their latest video post or share your posts with their followers. Of course, you should reciprocate the kind gesture by sharing their content with your followers as well. You can also take things up a notch by doing collaboration projects. For example, you can go live with another blogger and talk about your experiences and struggles. You can also work with them and release a series of write-ups surrounding a certain topic.

Without a doubt, Instagram can be a very useful tool that can help propel your blog to greater heights. And if you’re serious about growing your blog, our ’30 Days to Blogging Success’ course might just be what you need.