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Best Instagram Photo Props Under $20

This post is all about the best Instagram photo props under $20.

Instagram is a highly visual platform, so if you want to stand out, you’ll need amazing photos that make people stop mid-scroll and say WOW.

One of the best ways to improve your photos is through props. Using props for Instagram photos can add texture and detail to an otherwise average picture.

Here are my top ten picks for affordable Instagram photo props – at the time of publishing this post, all of these items can be found on Amazon Prime for less than $20. (If you don’t already have Amazon Prime, you can grab a 30-day free trial and get free two-day shipping on these and all other products.)

Ready to check out the photo prop ideas?


Affordable Instagram Photo Props Under $20

Here are the best Instagram photo props for bloggers under $20!

1. Marble Contact Paper

You can get a gorgeous marble backdrop for the perfect flatlay photo by using marble contact paper. Marble is one of the most popular Instagram backgrounds out there and adds a touch of elegance to any photo.

This marble contact paper is self-adhesive and you can simply cover a foam board or other flat surface with it and shoot away!


instagram photo props

2. Lightbox with Letters

Lightboxes are super trendy on Instagram right now and make the perfect props for Instagram photos! This lightbox comes with 100 letters for you to use.


3. Rose Gold Phone Case

All things rose gold are in right now – rose gold accessories like this rose gold phone case add the perfect touch to Instagram photos!


instagram photo props


Confetti adds a pop of fun and color to any flatlay photo. I love this star-shaped confetti that comes in silver and gold. I also love this pastel unicorn confetti too.

Whichever you choose, confetti is one of the best props for Instagram photos!


instagram photo props

5. White Faux Fur Backdrop

White faux fur is one of the most popular Instagram backgrounds because it instantly adds a gorgeous, soft touch to your photos. The easiest way to achieve this look for photos is through this white faux fur area rug/chair cover.

Not only can you use this as a photo backdrop, it’s also a super cute and affordable home decor piece so it’s a win/win.


instagram photo props

6. Books

Books are perfect accessories for flatlay photos on Instagram! Not only do they photograph well, you can share your favorite reads with your followers. #GIRLBOSS is a book I’ve been seeing a lot of all over Instagram.


instagram photo props

7. Miniature Succulents

How cute are little succulent plants?!

They add an earthy touch to any Instagram photo and make the perfect desktop decorations. If you don’t want to take care of a real plant, you can actually buy fake potted succulents on Amazon just to use as props for you Instagram photos.


instagram photo props

8. Chunky Knit Sweater

Add a cozy touch to your Instagram photo with a chunky knit sweater like this super soft knit pullover. This is a great prop to add to any Instagram flatlay photo!


instagram photo props

9. Satin Ribbon

A pretty satin ribbon is one of the perfect Instagram photo props for adding a girly detail and pop of color to your Instagram flatlay. I personally love this champagne-colored thick satin ribbon.


instagram photo props

10. Pink Throw Blanket

Finally, here’s another cute prop for Instagram photos that doubles as a functional home decor accessory. A pale pink throw blanket  adds the perfect touch of softness and texture to your photo and makes it cozy.


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