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3 Ways to Make Money with SendOwl

One of the ways I make money blogging is with SendOwl.

This post is all about the way I leverage this platform to bring in three separate streams of income on my blog, and how you can do the same thing.

First things first, what is SendOwl?

SendOwl is a platform designed for selling digital products and it is seriously the easiest and most user-friendly service I have ever used.

It’s a great platform for bloggers who want to sell their own digital products (more on this in a minute) as well as joining affiliate programs.

Here are the three ways that I make money with SendOwl!


1. Selling my products and services through SendOwl

The first way I make money with SendOwl is using it to sell my digital products.

For example, I use SendOwl to sell my ebook Amazon Affiliate Affluence. It only took me about ten minutes to set everything up in SendOwl once I had finished creating my ebook, and within one day I was making sales!

SendOwl creates a purchase button and checkout page, and delivers the product to your customers. All you have to do is upload your product in Sendowl.

Using SendOwl to sell digital products is very affordable. I’m on the $15 a month plan with SendOwl, and that is all I have to pay. SendOwl doesn’t take any additional fees from my sales, so I get to keep everything I earn.

The basic plan for SendOwl is just $9 a month, but I like my plan because it allows me to have affiliates for my ebook! Running an affiliate program through SendOwl is SO easy, and it helps me make more sales. My affiliates promote my ebook for me, and in return I pay them 40% commission when they make a sale.

(Here’s a guide on how to start an affiliate program with SendOwl.)

SendOwl is great for selling ebooks, but you can use the platform to sell really any type of digital product such as WordPress themes, templates, software, stock photos, online courses, etc. You also have the opportunity to set up subscriptions, memberships, and upsells within SendOwl as well.

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2. Being an affiliate for other programs

I was first introduced to SendOwl after I joined another blogger’s affiliate program that was run through the platform. I love joining affiliate programs hosted through SendOwl, because it’s just so easy to use!

You can join a program in just one click, and then you can find all of your affiliate links and affiliate info in one central dashboard.

Some other affiliate programs that I’m a part of are super confusing so I’m always glad when I become an affiliate for a product and see that it’s hosted on SendOwl. I love how easy it is to keep track of affiliate sales that I make, and how SendOwl sends me a notification email each time I make a sale!

I’m part of several affiliate programs in SendOwl.

One of my favorite affiliate programs that I am part of through SendOwl is Bluchic. I love their WordPress themes for bloggers, and I am currently using one of their themes on my own blog. So I enjoy being able to earn money from recommending a product that I use and love to others.

I earn money promoting these products on my blog, Pinterest, email list, etc.

If you want to learn how to make money by promoting products you use and love, check out this post of mine for my complete guide to affiliate marketing!

One important thing to note is that it is totally free to join an affiliate program through SendOwl. You don’t need a paid account in order to do it.

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3. Recommending SendOwl to others

In case you couldn’t tell by now, I am a major fan of SendOwl. Mainly because of how ridiculously easy it is to use for selling products and affiliate marketing.

The final way I make money with SendOwl is through their own affiliate program, which pays 20% recurring monthly commission on all new SendOwl users you refer. Since I love using SendOwl, I obviously signed up for their affiliate program!

If you want to sell your own ebook or any other type of digital product or service, I highly recommend getting started with SendOwl. It seriously only takes a few minutes to set up. When I first finished my ebook, I was shocked at how fast I could start selling it on SendOwl. I was like… is this really all I have to do?!

Getting paid to refer others to SendOwl is awesome because I feel like I get to help other bloggers/small business owners find a way to start selling their own digital products too. Having recurring income is also really nice, since I earn that 20% commission every month as long as someone is signed up for SendOwl.

Now, 20% commission may not sound like a lot on plans that range from $9 to $24 a month, but as I mentioned it’s recurring income each month and the more people you sign up to SendOwl, the more you can earn.


Making Money from SendOwl

So those are the three ways I use SendOwl to earn money as a blogger! Learn more about SendOwl and sign up for a free trial here, or check out my guide to profitable digital products to get some ideas of what you can sell.

SendOwl is a great platform to use to make money blogging. It’s a good way to get started with selling your own digital products and affiliate marketing.

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