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How to Design the Perfect Pin

Pinterest is one of the most important tools for bloggers and it can be an incredible way to drive traffic, get subscribers, and make sales.

The first step, though, is designing Pinterest graphics that are eye-catching and click-worthy. If no one is clicking on your pins and coming to your blog, you aren’t going to reap any of the benefits of this platform.

Pinterest is less of a social media platform and more of a “visual search engine” that people use to look for ideas, inspiration, and solutions.

As a blogger, you can take advantage of this by creating pins that lead to your blog posts (or digital products if you sell them) to get traffic and make money.

You don’t need to be a graphic designer in order to create beautiful pins that get lots of clicks though. Read on to find out how to do it!


Common Pinterest Design Mistakes

I see a lot of bloggers making so many design mistakes when it comes to designing Pinterest graphics for their blog posts, opt-ins, products, etc.

Just a few of the most common issues I see:

  • Wrong image size (ex. too long so it gets cut off in the Pinterest feed)
  • Boring or unclear headline that doesn’t make people want to click
  • Fonts that are too small or hard to read
  • Colors and images that are too bright or distracting

And so many more! So how can you avoid this common Pinterest design mistakes and create the perfect pin every time?

Read on for my Perfect Pin Checklist!


The Perfect Pin Checklist

This will help you create great pins every single time.

Here are the 10 elements that every perfect pin needs:

  • Vertical image size (2:3 ratio or 600×900 pixels)
  • Bold and readable fonts for your title
  • 3-4 line click-worthy title (this does not have the be the exact same as the actual title of your blog post)
  • Optional: Subtitle or call to action below your title
  • Bright and bold colors (warm colors perform best)
  • Great background photo (your own is best, or you can use a stock photo)
  • Your website name at the bottom of the pin
  • 2-3 sentence descriptive, keyword-rich pin description
  • 3-5 relevant hashtags in pin description
  • Pin to your most relevant personal board on Pinterest first

I hope this checklist helps you create better pins for your blog!


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I hope this simple checklist will help you create great Pinterest pins!

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