Hey there! I’m Dale, the founder of Blogging Her Way.

You might describe me as a serial blogger – I’ve started five successful blogs, four of which I later sold for a profit! I’m obsessed with all things blogging, and I love sharing my best blogging tips and strategies with you.

I first started blogging as a broke college student, and I was quickly able to turn my first blog into a $1,000+ a month business in just a few months. Now I’m a full-time blogger teaching you how to start and grow your own successful blog.

Why should you listen to me? I get it, there are tons of “blogging experts” out there. But the truth is, many of these so-called experts have never actually made money from blogging. Instead, they make all their money from selling overpriced courses telling others how to make money blogging!

I take a different approach. I have over five years of actual experience earning money from blogs in niches such as travel, college, and lifestyle. I know what works (and what doesn’t work) when it comes to starting and growing a profitable blog. And I know it’s possible to make money blogging in any niche!

Now my goal is to help YOU start a blog and profit from your passion too.


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Why Should I Start a Blog?

Starting a blog was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

It has allowed me to build my own business, pay off all my student loans, travel the world, and save for retirement at an early age.

We all have our own reasons for wanting to start a blog.

Here are just a few scenarios that describe many of my readers:

  • Stay at home moms who want to be able to earn an income from home
  • College students who want to make some extra money on the side
  • Freedom chasers who want to ditch their 9-to-5 job and be their own boss
  • Travelers who want to build a fully remote business and work from anywhere
  • Goal-getters who want to blog as a side hustle to earn some extra money

Maybe one of the above descriptions resonates with you, or maybe you want to start a blog for a totally different reason.

No matter the case, I’m here to help YOU with blogging in every way that I can.


How to Start a Blog

Totally new to the blogging world? No worries, I’ve got you covered!

First things first, be sure to join over 7,000 other students in my free Blogging Bootcamp course that will teach you how to start a successful blog in five days:

My email subscribers also get weekly newsletters where we chat about all things blogging and business. (And I save most of my best content for my email list!)

I also have a step-by-step guide on how to start a blog in less than one hour.

And finally, you may also want to check out some of my favorite free resources that I’ve created specifically to help new bloggers get started:


The BHW Shop

While all of the information on my blog is 100% free for you, I have also created some paid resources for bloggers who want to increase their traffic and income.

Here’s what’s currently available in the BHW shop:


Online Course for Bloggers30 Days to Blogging Success


Ebooks for Bloggers
Get Paid to Pin
Niche Selection Secrets
Amazon Affiliate Affluence

One of my goals is to make blogging education accessible to as many people as possible. So I like to keep my products affordable – no $500 courses here!

My in-depth blogging course is $97, and my ebooks are $27.


Contact Me

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