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50 Halloween Blog Post Ideas

This post is all about the best Halloween blog post ideas to write about this fall.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I have always been one of those people that starts getting excited for Halloween in September! I love doing Halloween activities, coming up with great costumes, decorating for Halloween, and listening to my Halloween playlist all October long.

If you’re a blogger, Halloween is a great time to capitalize on seasonal traffic. Every year, people are searching Google and Pinterest for all kinds of Halloween content. Costume ideas, decor ideas, local events, Halloween recipes, and party planning tips are just some examples of content that is popular.

Below I’ve come up with 50 Halloween blog post ideas that people are actually searching for to help you out if you aren’t sure what to write about. It’s a good idea to start publishing Halloween content on your blog as early as July and August, to give it time to start gaining traction by October.

Read on for 50 Halloween blog post ideas to inspire you this season!


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Halloween Blog Post Ideas


50 Halloween Blog Post Ideas

  1. DIY Halloween costume ideas
  2. Halloween costumes for couples
  3. Funny Halloween costumes
  4. Pet Halloween costume ideas
  5. Matching Halloween costumes for best friends
  6. Cute Halloween costume ideas
  7. Halloween costumes for kids
  8. DIY Halloween decor
  9. Halloween-themed recipes
  10. How to host an amazing Halloween party
  11. The ultimate Halloween party playlist
  12. Halloween makeup looks
  13. Halloween makeup tutorial
  14. Halloween-inspired nail ideas
  15. Cheap and cute Halloween decor shopping guide
  16. Halloween crafts for kids
  17. Unique ideas for pumpkin carving
  18. DIY Halloween decorations
  19. Pumpkin-inspired recipes
  20. Best Halloween movies to watch
  21. Halloween-themed date night ideas
  22. Trick-or-treating safety tips
  23. Halloween dessert ideas
  24. Pumpkin painting ideas
  25. Easiest Halloween costumes to put together
  26. Halloween costume ideas for friend groups
  27. Halloween events in your area
  28. Best places to go for Halloween around the world
  29. Ideas for Halloween traditions
  30. Halloween party decor ideas
  31. Where to shop for Halloween decor
  32. Scariest haunted houses to visit
  33. Halloween party menu ideas
  34. Recipe for a healthy Halloween treat
  35. Halloween-themed cocktail recipes
  36. Spooky/creepy Halloween treats
  37. Yard decoration ideas for Halloween
  38. DIY Halloween wreath ideas
  39. How to decorate a dorm room for Halloween
  40. Tasteful Halloween decor ideas
  41. Best horror books to read at Halloween
  42. Non-scary movies to watch at Halloween
  43. Halloween costumes under $25
  44. What to do with leftover Halloween candy
  45. Halloween party ideas for adults
  46. Halloween party ideas for kids
  47. How to make your own haunted house
  48. Best Halloween activities in your area
  49. Tips for visiting Disney World/Universal at Halloween
  50. Most haunted places in the world to travel to

Happy blogging!

You can find the rest of my blog post ideas right here.


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