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Mental Health Blog Post Ideas

Are you looking for mental health blog post ideas?

Keep reading for plenty of ideas! These blog post ideas are perfect for bloggers who cover topics like mental health, wellness, and self-care.

Mental health blogs are important, because they can offer answers to questions that your readers might have about mental health and provide helpful resources. You may also be interested in sharing your own experiences on your mental health blog as a way to inspire others and let them know you’re not alone.

One thing to note about a mental health blog is Google’s EAT algorithm.

EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) applies to websites that cover topics like mental health where it’s very important that the Google search results are coming from sources that are valid and trustworthy.

That’s not to say that you need to be a doctor or a therapist in order to run a successful mental health blog. But it is important to just be mindful of what you’re writing, and avoid offering medical advice outright on your blog

With that being said, here are some great mental health blog post ideas.

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Mental Health Blog Post Ideas


50 Mental Health Blog Post Ideas

  1. Healthy ways to de-stress
  2. Meditation tips for beginners
  3. Positive affirmations for anxiety
  4. Your own experience dealing with mental health issues
  5. Healthy coping mechanisms
  6. Reasons why therapy is beneficial
  7. Journal prompts for depression
  8. Tips for finding the right therapist
  9. Mental health bullet journal ideas
  10. Positive affirmations for depression
  11. Easy self-care activities
  12. Ways to boost your mood naturally
  13. How to keep a gratitude journal
  14. Dealing with post-partum depression
  15. Best books about mental health
  16. Journal prompts for anxiety
  17. How to deal with burnout at work or school
  18. Self-care ideas for students
  19. The benefits of taking mental health days
  20. How to be supportive of loved ones with depression
  21. Tips for overcoming panic attacks
  22. Positive affirmations for self-love
  23. Best foods for fighting depression
  24. Tips for practicing mindfulness
  25. How to reframe your thoughts
  26. Ways to raise awareness for mental health
  27. A giant list of mental health resources
  28. Tips for dealing with grief
  29. Bad habits that affect your mental health
  30. Your experience with therapy
  31. How to be supportive of loved ones with anxiety
  32. Tips for coping with OCD
  33. Signs that you should see a therapist
  34. How to set healthy boundaries in your relationships
  35. Journal prompts for mental health
  36. Positive affirmations for confidence
  37. How to respond to a mental health crisis
  38. What to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed
  39. How to clean when you have depression
  40. Self-care activities for depression
  41. Vitamins and supplements for depression
  42. How to overcome past trauma
  43. Healthy ways to deal with negative thoughts
  44. Identifying and processing emotions
  45. Tips for tracking your mental health
  46. Best apps for mental health
  47. Common misconceptions about a mental illness
  48. Your experience getting diagnosed
  49. Healthy ways to combat anxiety
  50. Quotes about mental health


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