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50 Birthday Blog Post Ideas

Are you looking for the best birthday blog post ideas to write about?

Maybe you’re looking for things to blog about to celebrate your own birthday (or your blog’s birthday!), or maybe you want to find content ideas to help your readers who are searching for birthday-related ideas.

You’ll find both on the list below. I’ve included blog post ideas that can work for lifestyle blogs, food blogs, fashion blogs, and much more!

Sometimes as a blogger, you’ll find that you have writer’s block and can’t figure out what to write about. It happens to everyone form time to time, myself included. These ideas are perfect if you don’t know what to write about!

Read on for 50 birthday blog post ideas to write about next!


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Birthday Blog Post Ideas


50 Birthday Blog Post Ideas

  1. Reflections on the past year since your last birthday
  2. X lessons you’ve learned in X years
  3. Your goals for the upcoming year
  4. The best experiences you had in the last year
  5. Birthday party ideas for babies
  6. Birthday party ideas for kids
  7. Birthday party ideas for teens
  8. Unique birthday experience gift ideas
  9. Birthday party games for kids
  10. Birthday crafts for kids
  11. What to wear on your birthday
  12. Birthday makeup ideas
  13. Cute DIY birthday card ideas
  14. Restaurants that give you free food on your birthday
  15. How to pull off a surprise birthday party
  16. What’s on your birthday gift wish list
  17. Haul the birthday gifts you received
  18. The most memorable birthday you’ve ever had
  19. How to DIY wrapping paper for a birthday gift
  20. Unique birthday gifts for kids
  21. Unique birthday gifts for teens
  22. Birthday gifts for her
  23. Birthday gifts for him
  24. Where to host an adult birthday party
  25. Where to host a kids’ birthday party
  26. Fun and affordable ways to celebrate a birthday
  27. Birthday party theme ideas
  28. Roundup the best birthday decor
  29. How to throw a birthday party on a budget
  30. Birthday dinner ideas
  31. Sweet 16 birthday ideas
  32. 18th birthday ideas
  33. 21st birthday ideas
  34. Golden birthday ideas
  35. Best places to travel on your birthday
  36. Fun birthday traditions to start
  37. Minimalist birthday decor ideas
  38. Baby birthday party decor
  39. Toddler birthday party decor
  40. Kids’ birthday party decor
  41. Non-cake birthday desserts
  42. Birthday party appetizer ideas
  43. How to throw a joint birthday party
  44. Cute birthday party invites
  45. Birthday party gift bag ideas
  46. Outdoor birthday party ideas
  47. Destination birthday party ideas
  48. DIY birthday gift ideas
  49. Birthday ideas instead of a party

Happy blogging!

You can find the rest of my blog post ideas right here.


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