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January Blog Post Ideas

Looking for some January blog post ideas?

First of all, Happy New Year! It’s time to start off the year strong with blogging.

I have decided that each month of this year, I will be posting a month’s worth of blog post ideas to give you some blogging inspiration!

First up is 31 January blog post ideas.

January is a great month for blogging because people are feeling inspired after the holidays to stick to their New Year’s resolutions. This is especially good news for bloggers in niches like fitness, food, and personal finance.

On this list, I have included blog post ideas for all types of bloggers, from fashion to lifestyle to travel and more. Enjoy and happy blogging!


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january blog post ideas


31 January Blog Post Ideas

  1. Share your New Year’s resolutions
  2. How to set and stick to goals for the new year
  3. Review your favorite planner or organizational tool
  4. Many people try to lose weight in January – share your top weight loss tips
  5. What you wore/did on New Year’s Eve
  6. Participate in a 30-day challenge and blog about it
  7. Create your own 30-day challenge for your readers
  8. Best money-saving and budgeting tips
  9. Many people look for new hobbies in January – share how you found yours
  10. How to get over the post-holiday blues
  11. Do a DIY project and document your results
  12. Share how you stay active and fit even during the cold winter months
  13. Revisit your very first blog post and reflect on how you’ve grown
  14. Your favorite healthy recipes
  15. Do a book challenge like the PopSugar Reading Challenge and document it
  16. Share your New Year goals for your blog
  17. Fun wintery date night/date day ideas
  18. How to stay organized as a student/mom/blogger/etc.
  19. How you make time for blogging
  20. Winter weekend getaway ideas for beating cabin fever
  21. Your winter fashion must-haves
  22. Your winter beauty and skincare must-haves
  23. Choose your most popular blog post from last year and expand on it
  24. If you make money from your blog, break down how you do it
  25. How you stay productive
  26. Give a “behind the scenes” look at your blogging space
  27. Share your tips on decluttering/organizing your living space
  28. What you learned from the past year
  29. Snow day activity ideas
  30. Give a preview of what you’re planning for your blog in the upcoming year
  31. Check in on your resolutions – have you been keeping them?

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