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What Type of Blog Should I Start? (Free Quiz)

What Type of Blog Should I Start? FREE QUIZ

What Type of Blog Should I Start? FREE QUIZ Have you been wondering what type of blog you should start? I’ve been blogging for quite a while now, and I’ve observed that most successful blogs fall into one of four different types. I classify these types as… Expert Blog Curation Blog Niche Blog Lifestyle Blog […]

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Lyrical Host Review + Discount Code

Virtual Assistant Services

Lyrical Host Review: Web Hosting for Bloggers Lyrical Host is a great web hosting company I recently discovered. When you start a blog, the first two things you will need are a domain name and web hosting plan. Your domain name is the address of your website while your web host is like the home where […]

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How I Made $25,000+ from Blog Flipping

blog income report

How to Make Money with Blog Flipping Have you ever heard of blog flipping before? I’ve made more than $25,000 from flipping five websites over the past two years. Not to mention, close to $12,000 I earned from these blogs before flipping them. This post will teach you exactly what blog flipping is, share my experience with […]

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