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Art Blog Post Ideas

Need some art blog post ideas for your art blog? These are the best blog post ideas for artists to inspire you when writing your next blog post!

An art blog is a great way to share your creative passion with the world.

You can also make good money as an art blogger by selling art prints, selling online courses or other digital products for artists, and through affiliate marketing (getting paid to recommend your favorite art supplies and earning a commission when someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link.)

But what if you’re stuck on what to write about next on your blog?

Check out these art blog post ideas for some inspiration!


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Art Blog Post Ideas


50 Art Blog Post Ideas

  1. Share your art studio setup
  2. The art supplies you can’t live without
  3. Tips for beginner arts
  4. How to find inspiration for your art
  5. Where to shop for art supplies
  6. Share your artistic process
  7. How to save money on art supplies
  8. The best digital tools for artists
  9. Lessons you’ve learned as an artist
  10. Your favorite art books
  11. Tips for getting over artist’s block
  12. The artists who influenced you most
  13. How to choose the right art for your home
  14. Things you wish you knew as a newbie artist
  15. Tips for organizing your studio space
  16. How to clean your art supplies
  17. Your favorite art museums
  18. How to deal with criticism as an artist
  19. The best watercolor paints
  20. The best acrylic paints
  21. The best oil paints
  22. The best paintbrushes for artists
  23. The best pens/pencils for artists
  24. The best sketchbooks for artists
  25. Share your favorite art documentaries
  26. Cover a nearby gallery opening
  27. Inspirational quotes for artists
  28. Compare and contrast different mediums
  29. Compare and contrast different techniques
  30. Tips for selling your art
  31. Ways to boost your creativity
  32. How to deal with rejection as an artist
  33. Is art school really worth it?
  34. The best advice you’ve ever received as an artist
  35. The worst advice you’ve ever received as an artist
  36. Art projects for beginners
  37. Art project for kids
  38. Gift guide for artists
  39. Highlight current trends in art
  40. Your favorite art movement and why
  41. Your favorite living artists
  42. Your favorite historical artists
  43. How to choose a title for your art
  44. The best free resources for artists
  45. The best sketching supplies for beginners
  46. The best painting supplies for beginners
  47. The best sculpting supplies for beginners
  48. The best pottery supplies for beginners
  49. What to do when you feel like giving up
  50. What does art mean to you?


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