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Free Feminine Styled Stock Photos

This post is all about where to find the best free feminine styled stock photos.

Styled stock photography is an amazing resource for bloggers who want to have beautiful visual content for their blog, but don’t have the time, resources, or skill necessary to create this type of content on their own.

Think about how often you need to use photos for your blog. In blog posts, Pinterest graphics, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, email newsletters, ebooks, printables, product mockups, promotional graphics, and more.

It can get exhausting trying to find photos for it all!

I know that I don’t have the time or ability to take and edit that many photos, so I love using styled stock photos that fit perfectly with my blog and branding.


Why should I use styled stock photos?

Styled stock photos are perfect for elevating the look of your blog while saving you time and energy. The beauty of styled stock photos is that they can…

  • Make any blog post, social media post, social media graphic, email newsletter, PDF worksheet, ebook, etc. look stylish and professional
  • Create a cohesive look for your blog or business and make your content instantly recognizable by strengthening your branding
  • Save time so you can focus on what you do best without having to worry about constantly creating perfect visual content



Free vs. paid styled stock photos

I made this list to round up some beautiful FREE photos you can use on your blog or social media! However, most of these freebies come from websites that sell premium styled stock photos, either individually or through a membership.

If you are serious about building a cohesive brand for your blog, I would recommend investing in a paid stock photo membership. This way you have access to hundreds of photo sets that are constantly being updated.

The styled stock membership I recommend most is Haute Stock.

I use these photos all the time on my blog and social media! You get access to over 2,000 beautiful stock photos with new photos added weekly. You also get access to monthly graphics packs and social media quotes.

Read my full review of Haute Stock here.

Haute Stock pricing (click for more details)


Ready for the free stock photos?

There are many free stock photo options on the Internet, but they can look very basic and boring and everyone is using them. I’ve compiled this list of some more unique places where you can find high-quality, unique, and FREE stock photos that are perfect for female bloggers and business owners!


1. Haute Stock

free feminine styled stock photos

Haute Stock: This is a styled stock subscription with absolutely GORGEOUS images. It’s definitely one of my favorite options because the images are so high quality and perfectly styled. You can sign up to receive a free stock photo pack plus monthly freebies from Rachel by clicking here. 


2. Pixistock

free feminine styled stock photos

Pixistock: Pixistock is another great subscription site that offers pretty, feminine images I just can’t get enough of. Sign up for Alicia’s monthly freebies right here.


3. Styled Stock Society

free feminine styled stock photos

Styled Stock Society: I love the clean, feminine styled stock photos from this subscription site. I use them all the time on my blog and social media. Get 10 free photos from the Styled Stock Society when you sign up for Elle’s newsletter.


4. A Prettier Web

A Prettier Web: I love these colorful, girly styled stock photos from A Prettier Web. It’s actually a web design site, not a stock photo site, but you can get a pack of seven free styled stock photos when you sign up here.


5. SC Stockshop

free feminine styled stock photos

SC Stockshop: Gorgeous, chic feminine stock photography perfect for bloggers and business owners. If you sign up for the newsletter, you can get 20 of these beautiful photos right away, plus additional monthly freebies!


6. Ivory Mix

free feminine styled stock photos

Ivory Mix: I love Ivory Mix because you can get access to a whole library of free feminine styled stock photos when you sign up for the newsletter. There are SO many free photos! (Like more than 300 – that’s amazing!) You can sign up here.


7. Katie Harp Creative

Styled Stock Photos

Katie Harp Creative: This is a subscription site that offers pretty, feminine styled stock photos. You can get 50+ beautiful free stock photos by signing up here.


8. Oh Tilly

Oh Tilly: Oh Tilly offers sweet, stylish feminine stock photos. If you want to receive three free styled stock photos every month, you can sign up right here.


9. The Stock Boutique

Free Feminine Styled Stock Photos

The Stock Boutique: The Stock Boutique offers gorgeous photos for female entrepreneurs. Sign up and get one free stock photo every month!


10. Girl Boss Stock

free feminine styled stock photos

Girl Boss Stock: Get 10 free stock photos right away when you sign up for Meghan’s email list, plus more freebies every month! I love that these photos are so on trend and perfect for lifestyle or fashion bloggers.


11. City Girl Searching

free feminine styled stock photos

City Girl Searching: When you sign up for the CSG Resource Library, you will get access to pretty free stock photos, as well as printables and blogging resources!


12. She Bold Stock

free feminine styled stock photos

She Bold Stock: Get over 50 free stock photos when you sign up right here! Yes, that’s over 50 photos for FREE! These photos are so bright and pretty.


13. Louise Henry

free feminine styled stock photos

Louise Henry: No email sign-up needed, just click here to download these 10 free feminine styled stock images! They all have a coffee theme to them.


14. Helene in Between

free feminine styled stock photos

Helene in Between: Helene is actually a travel blogger, but she put together 15 free stock photos for bloggers, which you can download right here!


15. Dabbles and Babbles

free feminine styled stock photos

Dabbles and Babbles: Grab 12 free styled stock photos right here – no email sign-up needed! I love these cute confetti and macaron themed photos!


Enjoy the free feminine styled stock photos!

Have fun beautifying your blog posts, social media, and other graphics and content with these free feminine styled stock photos.

Remember to check the usage/licensing before you use them. These photos do not require attribution back to the creator, but some have additional guidelines regarding how you are and are not allowed to use the images.

Enjoy these free styled stock photos!