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Pet Blog Post Ideas

Are you looking for pet blog post ideas? Read on for 50 great topics!

Pet blogging is a popular niche because it’s estimated that more than 66% of American households own pets. With two-thirds of the population owning a pet, there are millions of people searching the Internet every day about pets.

They are looking for tips, guides, ideas, and inspiration. And as a pet blogger, you can get traffic and make money by writing content that provides a solution and answers the common questions that many pet owners have.

In the pet blog posts below, I have mentioned dogs and cats a lot just because they are the most common pets, but you can tailor these ideas to any type of pet: fish, birds, rabbits, reptiles, hamsters, ferrets, and more!


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Pet Blog Post Ideas


50 Pet Blog Post Ideas

  1. Pet-friendly places to go in your area
  2. The best dog parks in your city
  3. Ways to volunteer with animals
  4. Pet-friendly hotels in your city
  5. Tips for traveling with a pet
  6. The best pet events in your area
  7. Share the process for adopting a pet
  8. Tips for obedience training
  9. Share a DIY dog treat recipe
  10. Must-have essentials for new dog owners
  11. Must-have essentials for new cat owners
  12. Breeds that make great family pets
  13. Foods to avoid feeding to your pet
  14. How many pets is too many pets
  15. Themed dog name ideas
  16. Themed cat name ideas
  17. Pet birthday party ideas
  18. The best treats for pets
  19. Fun things to do with your pet
  20. Best low-maintenance pets
  21. Hypoallergenic dog or cat breeds
  22. How to choose a kennel for your pet
  23. Share a DIY pet toy project
  24. What to do if your pet gets sick
  25. The best beds for dogs or cats
  26. The best dog collars
  27. The best dog leashes
  28. Share your “Gotcha Day” story
  29. Tips for caring for an elderly pet
  30. Reasons you should adopt, not shop
  31. How to decide if you should get another pet
  32. Things to know about fostering a pet
  33. The best toys for pets
  34. The best dog food brands
  35. The best cat food brands
  36. Pet products you can’t live without
  37. The best pet subscription boxes
  38. Halloween costume ideas for pets
  39. How to find a pet sitter
  40. Checklist to leave with your pet sitter
  41. Share an introduction of your pets
  42. The best places to shop for pets
  43. Reasons to get a dog vs. cat
  44. Bad puppy behaviors to look out for
  45. How to celebrate holidays with your pets
  46. Fun tricks to teach your dog
  47. Tips for hiking/camping with dogs
  48. How to cope with losing a pet
  49. How to introduce a new pet to your home
  50. Best cleaning tips for pet owners


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