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How Styled Stock Photos Can Grow Your Blog

One of my secret weapons as a blogger is styled stock photos.

All the photos you see on my blog are styled stock photos. If you have started a blog and want to make it look professional, this is a great way to do so.

Here’s how styled stock photos can help you grow your blog!


What are styled stock photos?

Styled stock photos are professional photos you can use on your blog, social media, online shop, etc. They are the perfect way to elevate your visual brand without needing the time, energy, or skill to take your own photos.

Regular stock photos (such as the ones you can find on Unsplash or Pixabay) typically don’t have the same stylish and unique look as styled stock photos, which is why styled stock photos are a favorite for many bloggers.


Who should use styled stock photos?

Styled stock photos are perfect for any type of blogger: Fashion, lifestyle, beauty, business, mom bloggers, etc. can all benefit from them.

Even if your blog is highly based on personal photos (ex. you’re a fashion blogger who posts frequent outfit posts) styled stock photos are still a great way to fill in the gaps on your blog or social media when you don’t have your own photos.

Styled stock photos are also perfect for creative business owners and shop owners who need product mockups or cute on-brand photos.


Where can I find styled stock photos?

I put together a big list of places you can find FREE styled stock photos!

However, if you are serious about building a cohesive brand for your blog, I would recommend investing in a paid stock photo membership. This way you have access to hundreds of photo sets that are constantly being updated.

The styled stock membership I recommend most is Haute Stock.

I use these photos all the time on my blog and social media! You get access to over 2,000 beautiful stock photos with new photos added weekly. You also get access to monthly graphics packs and social media quotes.

Read my full review of Haute Stock here.

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Why should I use styled stock photos?

So what benefit do stock photos actually offer?

Styled stock photos can be a huge help for bloggers. Here are the top three ways you can use styled stock photos to grow your blog!


1. Cohesive Branding

Strong, cohesive branding will help your blog stand apart from the rest. You probably already have other branded elements for your blog: a color scheme, specific fonts, your blog logo… But what about visual branding?

The photos you choose for your blog define your band and the “vibe” of your blog. Random, low-quality photos that look all jumbled up won’t help you stand out as a blogger. In fact, it can even hurt your image and brand.

By using styled stock photos, you can create consistency in your branding. The kind of consistency that makes people instantly recognize your content and stop scrolling as soon as they see it. There are many bloggers I follow who have such a distinctive photography style I instantly recognize their content.

Unfortunately, we can’t all be amazing photographers like that. This is where styled stock photos can help you develop cohesive, consistent branding for your blog and social media without needing your own photos.


free feminine styled stock photos


2. Save Time

If you’re anything like me, you’re overwhelmed with day-to-day blogging tasks as it is. Writing new posts, promoting your blog on social media, growing your email list, creating graphics, sending and answering emails, etc.

The last thing I have time to do is take perfect photos on top of that! I totally rely on styled stock photos on this blog. Luckily for me, my blog isn’t very photo-heavy. I only need photos for my blog posts and Pinterest graphics.

I know for some bloggers that’s not an option – you might need more original content for your blog photos, Instagram posts, etc. But styled stock photos are a great way to fill in the gaps when you have nothing to post. Some bloggers I know use stock photos to fill in their Instagram grid – if they post five days a week, two of those photos might be styled stock photos.

Think about how much time you could save if you were able to cut down or eliminate the amount of photos you need for your blog! That free time could be spent on much more important and profitable blogging tasks instead.


3. Grow Your Audience

If you’re scrolling through your Pinterest or Instagram feed, are you more likely to click on/like/save an image that’s super pretty and polished-looking, or an image that looks like it was taken on someone’s cell phone in a hurry in bad lighting?

Probably the pretty and polished image, right? The fact is, people are drawn to lovely images and want to share them more. You might have amazing written content on your blog, but if your visuals aren’t up to par, you will have a hard time getting traffic and growing an audience.

Having nice photos will help you:

  • Create the perfect Pinterest graphic and get more clicks to your blog
  • Grow your following on Instagram and increase engagement
  • Keep people on your blog for longer and stayed engaged with your blog posts
  • Project an overall more professional image as a blogger

Styled stock photos can help you create irresistible content that people want to check out – helping you get traffic to your blog and grow your audience!


More Ways to Grow Your Blog

Stock photos are a great way to make your blog look professional and attract a larger audience with attractive images and graphics.

Here are some other ways to grow your blog: