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Book Blog Post Ideas

Are you a book blogger? Read on for 50 book blog post ideas to write about next!

If you love reading and consider yourself a bookworm, having a book blog is a great way to share your passion, as well as make money blogging.

However, sometimes you might get stuck on what to write about next. You might feel like you’re writing the same type of content such as book reviews over and over. Want to switch things up and create some fresh content for your blog?

That’s where these blog post ideas for book bloggers come in. These book blog post ideas will give you some inspiration for writing your next blog post!

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Book Blog Post Ideas


50 Book Blog Post Ideas

  1. Book review
  2. A look at your TBR (to be read) list
  3. Your favorite books of the year
  4. Your least favorite books of the year
  5. Upcoming releases you’re excited about
  6. Your favorite genre and why
  7. Best books to read during each season
  8. Authors whose books you’ll always buy
  9. Books that made you cry
  10. Books you think everyone should read
  11. How you organize your bookshelves
  12. Monthly recap of what you read
  13. Your favorite book covers
  14. Book tropes you love reading
  15. Book tropes you hate reading
  16. Your favorite books as a child
  17. Gift ideas for book lovers
  18. Share a book haul
  19. Tips for saving money on books
  20. Books that will transport you to another place
  21. Your favorite underrated books
  22. Books you think are overrated
  23. Your favorite series
  24. Your favorite standalones
  25. Tips for reading more
  26. How you track your reading
  27. Best book club books
  28. Your favorite audiobooks
  29. Share your favorite book quotes
  30. Tips for getting out of a reading slump
  31. Answer a book tag or make up your own
  32. Create a reading challenge
  33. Your favorite book bloggers
  34. Books to read in your twenties
  35. Your favorite book to TV/movie adaptations
  36. What got you into reading
  37. Coolest bookstores around the world
  38. Your favorite places to shop for books
  39. Books you DNFed (did not finish) and why
  40. Revisit the books you read for school
  41. Your opinion on required reading
  42. Top 10 best romances/thrillers/historical fiction/etc.
  43. The longest books you’ve read
  44. Your dream home library
  45. Popular books you have no interest in reading
  46. Review a book subscription box
  47. Series you do and don’t plan on finishing
  48. Best inspirational books
  49. If you like this book, read this next recommendations
  50. Literary travel destinations

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