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This blog post is sponsored by RivalFlowAI.

How to Use AI to Improve Your Content and Get More Traffic

Are you wondering how you can improve your existing website content to get more traffic? It’s easier than you might think with the power of AI!

Improving the content that’s already on your blog is a great strategy for increasing your traffic without having to create new content. You can outrank your competitors and drive more traffic to your own website instead.

If you already have a blog post that’s ranking on the first page of the Google search results, sometimes a few little tweaks is all it takes to move up in the rankings to the top three slots and capture more traffic.

But how can you know what tweaks to make to your existing content?

That’s where AI comes in!

You can use RivalFlowAI to identify gaps in your existing blog posts and find out exactly what you need to add to overtake your competitors.

Then you’ll be able to automatically generate new sections for these blog posts with additional content to help boost your spot in the rankings.


Using RivalFlowAI to Improve Your Content

I recently had the chance to try out RivalFlowAI, and I was really impressed by this tool and the potential it offers to bloggers and website owners.

This tool is ideal for established bloggers who already have a basic understanding of SEO and are getting some traffic to their blogs from Google searches, but need some help figuring out how to increase their traffic.

While I’ve had an easier time getting traffic through SEO on my other blogs (specifically in niches like travel and lifestyle), it’s actually something I’ve struggled with more on Blogging Her Way. Mainly because the “blogging about blogging” niche is a lot more competitive and difficult to rank for.

So I was eager to try out this tool and see how it could help me.


RivalFlowAI Identifies Gaps in Your Content

When you sign up for a RivalFlowAI account (they have a free trial so you can test this out for yourself!), you will be able to link your website and then see a giant list of suggestions for content that you can improve.

RivalFlowAI will show you where your own blog post is currently ranking, and then show you a competing website whose article for the same topic is ranking in the top spot for that particular keyword in the Google search results.

Here’s an example from my own website!

I have an article called What Is a Lifestyle Blog? (Plus 11 Successful Examples!)

As the name suggests, this is an article about what a lifestyle blog is, complete with lots of examples. It helps newbie bloggers understand what a successful lifestyle blog looks like, and hopefully inspires them to start their own blog.

The problem? Many of my competitors also have a similar article on their websites, and these articles are ranking ahead of mine in Google.

RivalFlowAI Example

I created a project in RivalFlowAI for this article. As you can see, it shows me questions that my competitor covers in their article that I’m missing in mine.

This is great information because it identifies exactly what I need to fix in order to make my own content as thorough and comprehensive as the competitor who is currently ranking in the number one spot for this keyword.


AI-Generated Content to Fill in Gaps

Not only does RivalFlowAI identify gaps in your content as shown in the example above, you can also use the tool to write that content for you!

Here’s an example of some of the questions that my competitor is answering in their article, but that I am missing in my article on the same topic:

RivalFlowAI Questions

With the click of a button, RivalFlowAI generates a whole new section that you can add to your own blog post with a detailed, original response to the question.

Now, I personally don’t use AI content on Blogging Her Way (although I have been experimenting with it on another one of my sites!), but just having this information identified is super valuable because it gives me a guide on what sections I need to add to my own blog post to make it better.

And if you don’t love writing or want to speed up the process, using the AI-generated content that RivalFlowAI creates is the perfect shortcut!


How Much Does RivalFlowAI Cost?

You can sign up for a free 14-day trial of RivalFlowAI to test it out.

This is a great way to see if it’s a good fit for you!

After that, the cheapest plan is $79/month which allows you to improve 20 blog posts per month and offers new personalized suggestions weekly.

RivalFlowAI offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you aren’t happy with the tool for any reason, you can request a refund within 30 days.


Who Is RivalFlowAI For?

If you’re interested in RivalFlowAI, I recommend signing up for a free trial, linking your website, and diving right in to the suggestions to improve your content!

This tool is best for website owners who produce long-form content (i.e. blog posts and articles) and not websites with very little written content (like an online shop that only has product listings with very short descriptions.)

It’s also best for established website owners who are already getting some traffic from Google. The tool will not work for brand-new blogs because it needs to be able to identify some of your content that’s already ranking and the competitors that rank for the same keywords as you in order to work.


Will Using AI Content Affect My Google Rankings?

If you haven’t used AI tools on your website yet, you might be concerned about the potential impact AI-generated content will have on your rankings.

Specifically, does publishing AI-generated content hurt your Google rankings?

The short answer to that question is no. Google has specifically stated that AI-generated content is okay, as long as it is helpful, original, and relevant.

With RivalFlowAI, you are also just augmenting your existing content with some new AI-generated sections to fill it out more. Personally, I find this to be a much safer bet than using AI to write an entire blog post from scratch.

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