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Blog Post Titles

100 Attention-Grabbing Blog Post Titles

Looking for some great ideas for blog post titles? You’re in the right place!

These blog post title templates will help you get traffic every time.

Are you writing really awesome blog posts, but no one is reading them? One possible reason why might be that your blog post titles aren’t drawing people in.

Without a captivating, attention-grabbing title, readers are less likely to click on your blog post. It’s unfortunate because a lot of times, bloggers write amazing blog posts, but then give them not-so-amazing titles.

To remedy this problem, here are 100 click-worthy blog post title ideas!

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Here are 100 blog post titles you can use to write great blog posts…


List Posts

List posts are awesome for generating traffic. Did you know that titles with a number in the name generate 73% more clicks than titles without them?

That’s an amazing reason to start writing list posts on your blog ASAP!

  1. # Simple ________ That Will Improve ________
  2. # Questions You MUST Ask Before ________
  3. # Things That Helped Me ________
  4. # Reasons to ________ Today
  5. Top # Things You Need to Know About ________
  6. # Things You Should Never Do If ________
  7. # Rookie Mistakes ________ Make
  8. # Things ________ Says About You
  9. # ________ Inspired By ________
  10. # Savvy Ways to ________
  11. Top # Reasons You Should ________
  12. # Little-Known Ways to ________
  13. # Essential ________ for ________
  14. # Ways to ________ Like a Pro



Another excellent type of blog post to write is a how-to guide.

But the best way to make your guide stand out from the crowd is to put a twist on it, like with the example blog post titles below.

  1. How to ________ Even If You ________
  2. How to ________ Without ________
  3. How to ________ Like a Pro
  4. How to ________ The Right Way
  5. How I ________ and You Can Too
  6. How to ________ in # Minutes
  7. How to ________ in # Simple Steps


Ultimate Guide

Ultimate guides can be considered “cornerstone content” for your blog.

This is the the type of blog post that you’ll want to be super long and super detailed. Ultimate guides are great for getting traffic and social shares.

  1. The Complete Guide to ________
  2. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for ________
  3. The Definitive Guide for ________
  4. The Dos and Don’ts of ________
  5. The Essential Guide to ________
  6. The Total Beginner’s Guide to ________
  7. # Resources to Help You ________
  8. Master Guide to ________


Problem and Solution

Problem-solving content is one of the best types of content you can write as a blogger. People are always searching for “quick wins” to their problems.

Use one of these titles for blog posts that address a problem and solution!

  1. ________? Here’s How to Fix It
  2. The Best-Ever Solution for ________
  3. # Creative Ways to ________
  4. Get Rid of ________ for Good!
  5. # Ways to ________ on a Budget
  6. The Biggest Mistake That ________ Make
  7. The DIY Solution to ________
  8. Why ________ And How to Fix It
  9. Is ________ Affecting Your ________?
  10. # Proven Ways to _______
  11. The # Most Effective Ways to _______
  12. # Life-Changing Ways to Improve Your ________
  13. # Tips for ________ the Right Way



Similar to above, these types of blog posts provide answers to common questions, problems, or pain points that your audience experiences.

  1. Why You Need to ________ for ________
  2. Triple Your ________ Without ________
  3. Why You Shouldn’t _________
  4. The One Thing All ________ Should Do
  5. If You Aren’t ________, You Aren’t ________
  6. ________ Shouldn’t Be Complicated
  7. The One Things All ________ Should Know
  8. What No One Tells You About ________
  9. Yes, You Can ________! Here’s How



Who doesn’t like getting a behind-the-scenes look at something? I know I LOVE to read these types of personal, insider posts on other blogs.

  1. # Things I Wish I Knew Before ________
  2. What I Learned from ________
  3. How I Became ________
  4. How to ________: My Advice to Beginners
  5. What It’s Like to Be a ________
  6. # Things No One Tells You About ________
  7. Take a Look at the Daily Routine of a ________
  8. # Lessons About How Not to ________
  9. Behind the Scenes of a ________
  10. ________: What I’d Do Differently
  11. Top # Secrets of ________


Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some more blog post title ideas you can use when writing blog posts that address common questions your audience has about a certain topic.

  1. # Secrets to ________
  2. # Things You Should Know About ________
  3. The Real Truth About ________
  4. # Things You Didn’t Know About ________
  5. ________ Myths You Need to Ignore
  6. # Things Nobody Tells You About ________
  7. # Unexpected ________ That Will ________



So you’ve written an inspiring post, now you just need an inspiring title to go along with it! These click-worthy titles are great for your motivating posts.

  1. # ________ That Will Change Your Life
  2. # Steps to Turn ________ Into ________
  3. Want to ________? Here’s How
  4. # Ideas to Supercharge Your ________
  5. The One Things You Need to Change to ________
  6. Forget ________, Try This Instead
  7. Never Worry About ________ Again


Round-up Posts

Round-up posts are similar to the list posts I mentioned above.

The difference is that you are usually rounding up OTHER people’s content. Round-up posts are great for getting traffic and are very share-worthy.

  1. # Brilliant Resources to ________
  2. # Most Amazing ________ to ________
  3. The Best Free ________ for ________
  4. # Examples of ________
  5. # ________ Who Are Killing the Game
  6. Top # Resources for ________
  7. # Best ________ for ________ Success
  8. Master List of ________
  9. # Top ________ to Follow On ________
  10. Best of ________: # ________ to Check Out Now



People are always searching for comparisons between different things, whether it is products, software, ways of doing something, etc.

Here are some title ideas for your comparison blog posts.

  1. ________ vs. ________: Which One Should You Choose?
  2. What’s Better: ________ or ________?
  3. Why ________ Is Better Than ________
  4. ________ vs. ________: Which Is Best for ________?
  5. Why All ________ Should ________ Instead of _________
  6. Why ________ Beats ________



A great way to grab your reader’s attention is by making your blog post title into a question. This draws them in to find the answer.

Check out these question blog post titles/

  1. Is ________ Making You ________?
  2. Are You Losing ________ Due to ________?
  3. Is Your ________ Causing _______?
  4. Is ________ Affecting Your ________?
  5. Why You Aren’t ________ And How to Fix It
  6. Are You Still Wasting Money On ________?
  7. Should You Really Be ________?
  8. Can You Really ________?


Best Blog Post Titles

I hope these blog post title templates have helped you come up with some ideas!

You can tweak these blog post titles to fit your blog. Remember, choosing a click-worthy title for your blog post is extremely important. Even if you have great content, you might not get as many readers without a good title.

Your blog post title is your chance to draw in readers, so choose it wisely!

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