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Craft Blog Names

Craft Blog Names: Ideas and Examples

Are you looking for craft blog names that you can use?

Keep reading for my tips on how to choose a craft blog name!

One of the first steps of starting a craft blog is choosing a name. But I know how hard it can be to find the right name for your new blog!

When I started my first blog, I actually ended up changing the name after a year because I didn’t like the name I had chosen. However, this is actually NOT something you ever want to do. Changing your blog name is a hassle, and it can be a difficult and detrimental process once your blog is established.

That’s why it’s important to pick a name that you love from the start.

So how do you come up with the perfect craft blog name?

Here are some ideas of the best craft blog names to help you out!


Domain Name Availability Checker

When coming up with a blog name, you will want to make sure that the domain name (the .com version of the name) is not already registered.

When you start your blog with Bluehost you will get a FREE domain name, saving you $15 to $20. So how can you see if the name you want is available?

After you click “Get Started” on this page and select the $2.95 a month plan (this is the cheapest plan and the one I recommend) you will be able to put in your intended domain name to see if it’s available to register or not.

If you haven’t decided on a blog name yet, you can skip this step and get a credit to come back later to choose your domain name within 30 days.

For a step-by-step guide to registering your domain name and setting up web hosting for your blog, read my guide on how to start a craft blog.


How Do I Choose a Craft Blog Name?

Do you need help coming up with a craft blog name?

Here are my top tips for coming up with a name that you will love!

Your blog name is important, because it’s the first impression that your blog will have on readers. You want to choose something that is catchy, professional, and makes sense. And like I mentioned earlier, you want to choose something that you will not think about changing later, since that can be a huge hassle.

To come up with a name for your craft blog, try the following strategies:


1. Make it related to your niche.

One of the best ways to name your craft blog is to choose a name that is related to your niche. This makes it obvious what your blog is about right away.

For example, if you have a blog all about kids’ crafts, you might choose a name like Kids Craft Corner or DIY Crafts for Kids. Simple yet effective!


2. Use a variation of your name.

Another way you can come up with a name for your craft blog is to incorporate your own name into it. This helps add some personality to your blog.

For example, Crafts by Annabelle or Katie’s Crafty World.


3. Get creative.

Crafting is all about creativity. So letting your creative spirit shine through is another way that you can come up with a really unique blog name.

Some of my favorite craft blog names do not make it immediately obvious that their blog is all about crafts, but the names provide a hint of it.

For example, A Beautiful Mess, Paper and Stitch, and Lovely Indeed are all successful real-life craft and DIY blogs that have unique, creative names.


4. Add modifying words.

One tip for coming up with a craft blog name is to use modifying words. This can help you find a similar blog name when the one you want is taken.

I recommend doing this rather than choosing a different ending for your blog (ex. choosing a .net ending if the .com is taken) because it’s better to have a .com name. You also shouldn’t use hyphens, misspellings, or numbers in your name.

As an example, let’s say you would like to use the name “Crafty Haven” for your craft blog, but that name is already taken. You could try…

  • The Crafty Haven
  • My Crafty Haven
  • This Crafty Haven
  • Our Crafty Haven

Modifying words can help you find a name that is available for your blog.


Real Craft Blog Names

Still having trouble coming up with a name for your craft blog? Here are a ton of real-life examples of craft blog names from popular bloggers!

These 30+ crafty blog names come from real successful blogs:

  • Sew Some Stuff
  • Cut n Make Crafts
  • Arts and Classy
  • Crafts by Amanda
  • The Craft Patch
  • A Beautiful Mess
  • Crafty Chica
  • I Heart Arts n Crafts
  • One Little Project
  • Sewrella
  • DIY Inspired
  • Modge Podge Rocks
  • Crafts on Sea
  • Paper and Stitch
  • A Girl and a Glue Gun
  • Doodlecraft
  • Craft-o-Maniac
  • Kids Craft Room
  • Lovely Indeed
  • Fun Family Crafts
  • A Little Craft in Your Day
  • Create Craft Love
  • Burlap and Blue
  • Crafting in the Rain
  • Heart Handmade
  • DIY Candy
  • Hands Occupied
  • The Beading Gem
  • Our Daily Craft
  • Cutesy Crafts
  • I Spy DIY
  • PS I Made This

Although all of these craft blog names are already taken, looking at them can give you some inspiration for coming up with your own name!


Registering Your Blog Name

Once you have decided on a name for your craft blog, you will need to register your domain name so you can get your blog started.

I have a detailed guide on how to start a craft blog that goes more in depth on what to do, but the process is actually very simple!

You just need to purchase your domain name and web hosting.

I recommend Bluehost for all new bloggers because they actually give you a FREE domain name (saving you $15+) and offer web hosting for just $2.95 a month. (This is the lowest possible price that you can start a blog for!)

Bluehost is also the ONLY web hosting company I know of that allows you to go ahead and start your blog without choosing a name yet.

Just select “I’ll create my domain later” after you sign up here.

So if you need some extra time to decide on your blog name, you can go ahead and get your blog started now, and then Bluehost will give you a credit you can choose to come back and choose your domain name within 30 days.


Craft Blog Names: Final Thoughts

Hopefully these craft blog names and tips helped you come up with the perfect name for your own craft blog so you can start blogging today!

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