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Craft Blog Post Ideas

This post contains 50 craft blog post ideas to inspire your next blog post!

Crafting is a very popular blog niche, and a craft blog is a great way to express your creativity, share your favorite crafts with others, and make money blogging.

Do you have a blog focusing on crafts, DIY, or other creative endeavors? These blog post ideas are for you! If you’re suffering from a bit of writer’s block, use the ideas below for some inspiration on what to write about next.


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Craft Blog Post Ideas


50 Craft Blog Post Ideas

  1. Share a Christmas craft
  2. Bullet journal ideas
  3. Your must-have crafting tools
  4. Holiday crafts for kids
  5. Scrapbooking tips for beginners
  6. Your favorite craft bloggers
  7. Share a Halloween craft
  8. How to organize your crafting supplies
  9. Knitting/sewing patterns
  10. DIY home decor project
  11. Share a look at your crafting space
  12. Must-have scrapbooking supplies
  13. How to make DIY candles
  14. How to make DIY soap
  15. Crafts you can make and sell
  16. Tips for selling at craft shows
  17. Share a Valentine’s Day craft
  18. Your best photography tips
  19. Mason jar craft ideas
  20. How to make DIY paper lanterns
  21. Educational crafts for kids
  22. Homemade craft gift ideas
  23. Calligraphy essentials
  24. Share a Fourth of July craft
  25. How to make a DIY piñata
  26. Share a DIY door wreath
  27. Fall craft ideas
  28. Winter craft ideas
  29. Spring craft ideas
  30. Summer craft ideas
  31. Easy crafts for toddlers
  32. What your dream craft room would look like
  33. Recreate a craft from Pinterest
  34. Roundup of the best craft books
  35. How to save money on crafting supplies
  36. Where you shop for crafting supplies
  37. A no-sew craft project
  38. Must-have bullet journal supplies
  39. Share an Easter craft
  40. Craft ideas for the classroom
  41. Document the process of refinishing furniture
  42. How to sell crafts on Etsy
  43. Tips for online craft sellers
  44. Cricut tips and tricks
  45. Share a Thanksgiving craft
  46. How to make DIY beauty products
  47. Why you started your craft blog
  48. Origami tutorial
  49. Must-have quilting supplies
  50. Share a Mother’s Day craft

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