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Printables Ideas to Sell

Best Printable Ideas to Sell

Are you looking for the best printable ideas to sell?

Printables are one of the top types of digital products that you can create and make money from selling online. Printables are very popular and in demand right now, and once you create them you can sell them an unlimited number of times.

You can sell printables on a marketplace platform like Etsy, or on your own website or blog. And they’re surprisingly easy to create too!

If you are interested in earning passive income from selling printables online, read on for the best printable ideas to sell and earn money from!

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What Are Printables?

First of all, you might be wondering exactly what printables are.

Printables are a type of digital product. As opposed to selling a physical product, you are selling a digital file designed to be printed out and used.

The benefit of creating and selling printables is that it’s a lot less work than creating and selling physical products. You don’t have to worry about production costs, carrying inventory, shipping costs, running out of stock, delivery issues, or any of the other concerns associated with selling physical products.

With printables, you create them once and then can sell infinite copies.

An example of this is printable coloring pages. As opposed to selling a physical coloring book, you could sell digital files containing coloring pages meant to printed out by the customer and colored. This is simpler and more cost-effective than creating a physical coloring book and having to ship it to the customer.

You might be surprised at how popular printables have become.

One reason for this is because not only are printables easier and cheaper to create, it’s cheaper for the customer as well. Buying a $30 physical planner versus buying a $10 printable planner and printing out the pages and putting them in a binder yourself saves a lot of money.

There’s also more room for customers to find exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to printables, as opposed to traditional physical products.

So what are the best printables to sell?


Best Printable Ideas to Sell

Here are the best printable ideas to sell and make money from.

I’ve listed them in various categories such as printable ideas for kids, printable planners, wedding printables, and other popular printable topics.


Printable Ideas for Kids

  • Coloring pages
  • Flashcards
  • Chore chart
  • Activity books
  • Schoolwork
  • Back to school signs
  • Reward coupons


Wedding Printable Ideas

  • Wedding invitations
  • Save the dates
  • Bachelorette party games
  • Photo booth props
  • Wedding planners
  • Labels for wedding favors
  • Bridal shower games
  • Table numbers and place cards


Holiday Printables

  • Holiday party invitations
  • Gift tags
  • Holiday planners
  • Holiday greeting cards
  • Party games
  • Advent calendar


Planner Printables

  • Academic planners
  • Home planners
  • Personal finance planners
  • Meal planners
  • Business planners
  • Emergency planners


Tracker Printables

  • Habit tracker
  • Fitness tracker
  • Weight loss tracker
  • Budget tracker
  • Debt payoff tracker
  • Savings tracker
  • Reading tracker
  • Baby milestone tracker
  • Cleaning tracker


Art and Decor Printables

  • Art prints
  • Photography prints
  • Stickers
  • Quote wall art
  • Nursery wall art
  • Kitchen wall art
  • Laundry wall art


Miscellaneous Printables

  • Adult coloring pages
  • Guided journals
  • Stationery
  • Gift coupons
  • Recipe cards
  • Greeting cards
  • Ideas for custom mugs


How Do I Make a Printable to Sell?

Making printables to sell is easier than you might think.

You can use a free graphic design program such as Canva to create your printables. Some people also use Microsoft PowerPoint or Excel.

For paid programs, Adobe Photoshop or InDesign are popular choices that will allow you to design beautiful and professional printables as well.

However, you don’t need to be an expert graphic designer in order to create and sell printables! Canva offers plenty of free templates that you can work with. It’s even possible to buy printables that are already made that you can resell as your own. This is known as PLR (private label rights) printables.

Once you have made your printables, you simply save the digital file (usually a PDF file) and that is the end product delivered to the customer.


Can You Really Make Money Selling Printables?

Yes, you can really make money from selling printables.

If you search “printable planner” or “printable wall art” on Etsy, you’ll see that many of the top sellers have thousands of verified sales.

Since many printables sell for anywhere from $5 to $25, you can see how this would quickly add up if you make just 10, 50, or 100 sales per month!

Many printable sellers do it as a side hustle to earn some extra money, or sell printables on their blog as an additional way to make money blogging.

Some printable sellers are able to earn a full-time income from it too!


How Much Money Can You Make Selling Printables?

There’s no definitive answer to how much money you can make selling printables. It can be anywhere from a few hundred extra dollars per month to a full-time income! The sky is really the limit when it comes to how much you can earn.

For example, Sarah Titus makes over $50,000 per month from selling printables.

Whatever your goals are, whether it is earning $500 extra per month as a side hustle or making it into a $10,000+ a month full-time job, it’s achievable.

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Best Printable Ideas to Sell

These are the best printable ideas to sell to make money.

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