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Holiday Blog Income

How to Boost Your Holiday Blog Income

The holiday season is upon us once again, which means many bloggers are about to see their most profitable months of the year!

It’s Q4, the last three months of the year, when spending is at an all-time high.

As a blogger, this can be a great time to make sales of your own products, affiliate sales, and increase your earnings from your ad network.

Below are four tried and true strategies that I use during the holidays to boost my blog income and have some of my highest-earning months of the year.

Ready to increase your blog income this holiday season?


1. Run a Black Friday sale.

Do you sell digital products on your blog such as an ebook, online course, templates, or printables? Running your own Black Friday promotion can be a great way to increase sales around the holidays.

I usually run a sale for 30% off my digital products, and send several emails to my email list about it over the course of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This is a great way to boost sales of your existing digital products during the biggest shopping weekend of the year, without having to do very much work!

Note: I use SendOwl to sell and deliver my digital products and they make it super easy to create discount codes you can use for your Black Friday sale.


2. Create a roundup of Black Friday sales.

Even if you don’t have your own products to sell, you can still take advantage of Black Friday promotions by creating a roundup of the best deals for products you are an affiliate for. This can lead to lots of affiliate sales for you.

For example, every year I update this post about Black Friday deals for bloggers which contains various products I’m an affiliate for such as web hosting, WordPress themes, and ebooks/online courses for bloggers.

Whatever your blog nice is, you can create your own Black Friday deals post and update it with the details for sales your affiliate partners are having. (Many affiliate programs will send you this information in their email updates.)


3. Write gift guides.

One of the biggest ways I have managed to increase my blog income around the holidays is by writing gift guides. I don’t do this on Blogging Her Way, but I have done it on my other blogs with a ton of success over the past years.

I’ve written gift guides on topics like “best Christmas gifts for college girls”, “funny white elephant gifts”, and “practical gifts for travelers.”

For these types of gift guides, I just use Amazon affiliate links because that’s where the majority of people do their holiday shopping. Although the Amazon affiliate program has lower commission rates than other affiliate programs, you can MORE than make up for it in the volume of sales!

I teach you more about my exact strategy for writing gift guides that earn thousands in my ebook Amazon Affiliate Affluence.


4. Tweak your top content for ad revenue.

Finally, Q4 is the most lucrative time of year for display ads. I don’t have ads on Blogging Her Way, but I have used Mediavine ads on my other blogs.

Since advertising rates are at their highest during the last few months of the year, it’s a great time to update your most popular blog posts to make them longer and more detailed, add more images, and add links to other related blog posts on your site (all of which will increase your ad earnings.)

These are pretty easy tweaks to make, but they can have a big impact on your income from your ad network during the holiday season.


Increasing Your Blog Income for the Holidays

These four simple strategies are ones I use every year to increase my holiday blog income. They’re all very easy but effective at boosting income.

It’s always smart to get an early start on your holiday efforts. For example, it’s recommended to start publishing holiday content on your blog months in advance (as early as July or August even!)

But if you haven’t gotten started yet, there’s still time to publish holiday content and have it do well this year. You’ll also already have it on your blog for next year.

For things like running your own Black Friday sale or creating a roundup of Black Friday deals, you can usually start preparing for these a few weeks in advance.

Which of these strategies are you going to try this year?


Haven’t Started a Blog Yet?

If you haven’t started a blog yet, now is a GREAT time to finally do it!

You may not start making money yet this holiday season, but it’s the cheapest time to get started since you can get amazing deals on web hosting to start your blog, WordPress themes, and blogging education such as ebooks/online courses.

To learn how to start a blog, read this guide for beginners.

Or sign up for my free Blogging Bootcamp email course and get the lessons delivered directly to your email inbox over the next five days!

Blogging is the only business out there with SUCH a low start-up cost, but such a high potential for profit. You can easily get started for under $75.

All you need to get started is web hosting (I recommend Bluehost who usually have a Black Friday sale making web hosting only $2.95 a month) and a domain name. (Which you get for free with Bluehost, saving you another $15-20!)


More Blogging Tips

These tips showed you how to boost your holiday blogging income.

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