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Make Sales from Your Email List on Autopilot

Want to learn how I make sales from my email list on autopilot? Read on!

An email list is one of the most valuable assets you can have as a blogger.

Unlike social media, where algorithm changes can make it almost impossible to reach your followers, you will always have your email list and be able to get directly in touch with them. You have control and ownership over your list.

Not to mention, email marketing is still the most effective channel for online sales. As a blogger, I make a large part of my income from my email list.

And the best part is, it is totally passive! I make sales from my email list every single day from sales funnels that only took me a few hours to set up.

I don’t have a huge email list either. And I have been successfully utilizing email marketing since I had just 250 subscribers! So you don’t need a massive amount of subscribers on your email list in order for this to work for you.

Here is exactly how you can make money from your email list on autopilot too!


Start an email list

If you have not already started an email list for your blog, this is the first step. Luckily it is not hard at all to get started with an email marketing platform.

I personally use ConvertKit for my email list.

I wrote a complete guide on how to start an email list with ConvertKit that will walk you through the steps of getting started in under an hour.


Decide what you are going to sell

Do you have your own product, like an ebook, online course, templates, etc.? This is the easiest way to create your email sales sequence. If you haven’t created your own product yet, check out:

If you don’t have your own product, you can always promote a product you’re an affiliate for. I do this in some of my sales funnels, and have had good results.

For ideas of what kind of affiliate product you should promote, check out:

Once you have chosen which product you are going to be promoting to your email list, it’s type to create an opt-in incentive.



Make the perfect opt-in incentive

In order to get people to subscribe for your email list, you want to offer them something valuable in exchange. This is known as an opt-in incentive and it’s something small yet packed with value such as…

  • A short ebook
  • Cheat sheet
  • Webinar
  • Email course
  • Free printables

The key to creating an effective email sales sequence starts with making a relevant, useful opt-in incentive that is directly tied in to your product offering.

For example, let’s say you are a travel blogger who has written an ebook about traveling the world on a budget. Your opt-in incentive might be something like a free chapter from your book or a checklist on how to save money for travel.

Whatever your opt-in incentive is, it should be relevant to the product you are going to be promoting and provide a “quick win” for your reader.


Promote your opt-in incentive everywhere

Once you have created your opt-in incentive, promote it everywhere!

Include opt-in boxes in multiple places on your blog – at the top of your blog, in the sidebar, in the footer, within relevant blog posts, in a pop-up box, etc.

You can also create a landing page for your opt-in incentive (I use these landing page templates from Bluchic or the built-in landing pages with my email platform ConvertKit) and promote it on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The goal here is to get as many people as possible into your sales funnel.



Create an automated sales sequence

As I just mentioned earlier, I use ConvertKit for my email marketing platform. I love ConvertKit because it makes it super simple to set up and manage all of your opt-in incentives and email sequences.

You can get a free trial of ConvertKit when you sign up through my link!

Going with the example from above, let’s say you have created your opt-in incentive and it’s a checklist on how to save money for travel.

You will now set up an automatic email sequence that will deliver that freebie to your new subscriber, introduce yourself, provide some more value, and finally pitch your product (in this case, your travel ebook.)

Here’s how I set up my email sales sequences:

  • Day 1: Deliver the opt-in incentive, introduce yourself, and ask your subscriber a question about the topic of your opt-in incentive
  • Day 2: Share some tips about the topic of your opt-in incentive and offer a solution to a common problem your subscriber may face
  • Day 3: Bring up the problem you mentioned yesterday and mention how your product is a solution to that problem
  • Day 4: Provide more value by sharing some additional tips/secrets with your subscribers related to the topic of your opt-in incentive
  • Day 5: Remind your subscribers one more time about your product and how it will help them and let them that after today, they will be added to your regular newsletter and can expect to hear from you weekly

And that’s all there is to it!

Setting up a sequence like this will allow you to make sales of your own product (or a product you are an affiliate for) while providing value to your new email subscribers. And subscribers who purchase from you now are more likely to become repeat customers later on! This is super simple and effective.


How to Make Money from Your Email List

I hope this guide helped you understand how you can set up a simple sales sequence in order to make money from your email list on autopilot.

For more tips on how to make money, be sure to check out: