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Examples of Blogs

Best Examples of Blogs: Inspiration for New Bloggers

Are you thinking of starting a blog? Here are some examples of blogs to inspire you and give you an idea of what many types of successful blogs look like.

Below I have put together 30+ examples of successful blogs in different niches. If you don’t know what to blog about, these examples should give you some ideas.

What is a blog? A blog is a website where regular articles (AKA blog posts) are published. Usually, a blog is written on one specific topic, or multiple topics.

You can learn more about what is a blog is and common blogging terminology here: What Is a Blog? Explanation of Blogging Terms for Beginners

What is a niche? Your niche is just the topic you blog about. Some blogs have very broad niches encompassing multiple topics, while others are very narrow and focus on one specific topic. I have a whole post about how to decide what to blog about plus 150+ blog niche ideas to give you some ideas.


How to Start a Blog

If you’re ready to start your own blog, it’s actually very easy!

You don’t have to be extremely tech-savvy or have to spend a lot of money to get your blog started. In fact, it only costs $2.95/month to start your blog.

All you need is a domain name and web hosting from Bluehost.

For a complete step-by-step guide to getting your blog set up in under an hour, click here. It’s very easy and anyone can do it!

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30+ Successful Blog Examples

Below you will find 30+ examples of blogs. I have organized them by blog type.

You will also find a link to a monthly income report from that blog. Some bloggers choose to document their business growth publicly by sharing their income. These income reports can be a great tool for learning how other bloggers make money, and getting an idea of how much it is possible to earn from a blog.

I created a full list of 200+ blog income reports if you want to read more.


Lifestyle Blog Examples

Here are several examples of successful lifestyle blogs. “Lifestyle” is a broad niche that can cover many different categories and sub-topics.

If you want to write about multiple topics on your blog, starting a lifestyle blog is a good idea. Below you’ll see examples of blogs in the lifestyle niche.


Just a Girl and Her Blog

Examples of Blogs

Abby Lawson’s lifestyle blog Just a Girl and Her Blog contains blog posts on multiple topics including organizing, decorating, blogging, and personal stories.

Income Report: $41,700


Chasing Foxes

Lifestyle Blog Example

Chasing Foxes is a popular lifestyle blog founded by a couple, Grace and Silas. They write about many different life topics on their blog, including money, travel, style and beauty, food, home, DIY projects, and more.

Income Report: $19,889


Hot Beauty Health

Example of a Lifestyle Blog

Hot Beauty Health is another example of a lifestyle blog. This blog founded by Diana is targeted at everyday women, and has blog posts in various categories such as fashion, food, travel, career, and wellness.

Income Report: $9,655


Food Blog Examples

Have you ever looked up a recipe online? If so, you’ve probably stumbled upon a food blog before! Food blogs share recipes and other helpful information.

If you love to cook and try new recipes, you might consider starting a food blog. Food blogs can focus on specific topics (such as baking, veganism, Instant Pot recipes) or specific diets (such as Whole30, keto, or gluten-free recipes.)

Starting a food blog can be a lot of work, since you have to create and photograph the recipes, but if you love food and cooking, and want to share your favorite recipes with others, it can definitely be worth it!


Pinch of Yum

Examples of Blogs

Pinch of Yum is a very popular food blog started by Lindsay, a former teacher turned blogger. She shares a wide variety of delicious recipes on her blog.

Income Report: $100,000


Whole Kitchen Sink

Food Blog Example

Another example of a food blog is Whole Kitchen Sink. This blog founded by Bailey focuses on healthy, wholesome recipes. Many of the recipes on this food blog cater to special diets like Whole30, gluten-free, paleo, and dairy-free.

Income Report: $10,631


A Sassy Spoon

Examples of Blogs

A Sassy Spoon is another great food blog example. Jamie Silva describes her blog as having recipes for “comfort food with a modern twist.”

Income Report: $15,843


Show Me the Yummy

Examples of Food Blogs

One more example of a food blog is Show Me the Yummy. You’ll notice that all of these examples of food blogs have creative names that instantly let you know what their blog is about! In this case, Jennifer and Trevor are the bloggers behind Show Me the Yummy sharing a wide variety of delicious recipes.

Income Report: $46,367


Personal Finance Blog Examples

Personal finance is a popular blog niche, because people are always looking for advice on how to make, save, and manage money.

There are many sub-topics within the personal finance niche, such as saving money, budgeting, making money, side hustles, paying off debt, investing, credit cards, and more that you can write about on a personal finance blog.


Making Sense of Cents

Examples of Blogs

Making Sense of Cents is a very popular personal finance blog started by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner. Michelle covers many personal finance topics on her blog including saving money, side jobs, making extra money, and paying off debt.

Income Report: $145,319


Busy Budgeter

Blog Examples

Another example of a personal finance blog is Busy Budgeter written by Rosemarie. This personal finance blog focuses on budgeting and organizing your finances and helps families get their money under control.

Income Report: $86,438


Caroline Vencil

Examples of Personal Finance Blogs

Caroline Vencil runs a popular personal finance blog that uses her name. (A great idea if you can’t decide on a name for your blog – just use your own name!) Her blog is focused on empowering women financially.

Income Report: $12,007


The Savvy Couple

Personal Finance Blog Example

The Savvy Couple is one more example of a personal finance blog. Founded by Kelan and Brittany, this blog contains blog posts on various topics such as budgeting, family finances, credit scores, and investing.

Income: $43,547


Travel Blog Examples

Do you love to travel? Do you want a way to share your travel stories and photos with the world? If so, consider starting a travel blog!

Travel blogs can contain travel tips, destination guides, packing lists, personal stories, and more. Many travel blogs focus on a certain sub-niche, such as budget travel, travel in a certain state/country, or solo travel.

Starting a travel blog can be a lot of work, since readers tend to want to hear about and see first-hand experiences in a destination, meaning you will need to travel a fair amount. Not to mention, you will need to do extensive research and document your travels instead of just enjoying your vacation!

However, if you love travel, starting a travel blog can be very rewarding.


Practical Wanderlust

Examples of Blogs

Practical Wanderlust is a great example of a travel blog. Written by a couple, Lia and Jeremy, they share their hilarious travel stories, as well as practical travel tips, destination guides, and packing lists for travelers.

Income Report: $5,421


Helene in Between

Travel Blog Example

Helene shares her life and travels on her blog Helene in Between. She writes blog posts about travel, as well as photography and blogging tips.

Income Report: $15,755


Two Wandering Soles

Example of Travel Blog

Another travel blog example is Two Wandering Soles. Created by Katie and Ben, this travel blog has a unique focus: they write about responsible and adventurous travel, focusing on topics like sustainability and eco-friendly travel. As you can see, they cover additional topics like living in a van and working abroad.

Income Report: $16,389


A Dangerous Business

Examples of Blogs

One more example of a travel blog is Amanda’s blog, A Dangerous Business. Her blog contains travel guides and tips and packing lists for everyday travelers.

Income Report: $9,229


DIY & Craft Blog Examples

Blogs in the DIY & craft niche can cover a variety of topics. Some examples are craft ideas, crocheting/sewing projects, DIY home decor, and more.

If you love to be crafty or do projects around the house, starting a DIY & craft blog may be a good choice for you. Just keep in mind that you will need to thoroughly document the projects you do in order to share them on your blog.

Below are several examples of popular DIY & craft blogs.


Jennifer Maker

Craft Blog Example

Jennifer’s blog Jennifer Maker is a great example of a DIY & craft blog. She writes blog posts about paper craft, vinyl craft, and DIY decor ideas.

Income Report: $15,158


The Shabby Creek Cottage

DIY Blog Example

The Shabby Creek Cottage is another example of a DIY & craft blog. Gina’s blog contains blog post about crafts, DIY projects, and home decor.

Income Report: $25,319


One Little Project

Examples of Blogs

One more example of a DIY & craft blog is One Little Project. As the name of Debbie Chapman’s blog suggests, she shares various home projects including kids’ crafts, holiday crafts, science experiments, and easy recipes.

Income Report: $7,315


Parenting Blog Examples

Here are several parenting blog examples. Parenting blogs can contain blog posts related to a multitude of parenting topics in order to help other parents.

Some common topics within the parenting niche are pregnancy, breastfeeding, baby tips, homeschooling, kids’ activities, home management, and advice.


Mommy on Purpose

Examples of Blogs

Mommy on Purpose is an example of a parenting blog. On her parenting blog, Carly writes blog posts about parenting tips for moms, including pregnancy, breastfeeding, kids’ activities, and family finances.

Income Report: $5,157


Swaddles n’ Bottles

Example of Parenting Blogs

Swaddles n’ Bottles is another good example of a parenting blog. Caroline, the blogger behind Swaddles n’ Bottles, focuses on a specific topic within the parenting niche, which is new mom. The main categories on her parenting blog are pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, and baby tips.

Income Report: $11,180


What Mommy Does

Examples of Mom Blogs

For another mom blog example, take a look at Lena’s blog What Mommy Does. This parenting blog covers parenting tips, family finances, and free printables.

Income Report: $7,464


Pulling Curls

Mom Blog Examples

Pulling Curls is a parenting blog written by Hilary, a former labor and delivery nurse. Her parenting blog focuses on several sub-topics within the parenting niche including pregnancy, parenting, household tips, family travel, and food.

Income Report: $6,631


Fashion Blog Examples

Do you love fashion? Are you always getting compliments on your style and outfits? Maybe starting a fashion blog is the right choice for you!

Fashion blogs can cover topics like outfit ideas, shopping guides, fashion trends, beauty and skincare, and more. Here are some fashion blog examples.


Affordable by Amanda

Examples of Blogs

Affordable by Amanda is an excellent example of a fashion blog. As the name suggests, Amanda focuses on affordable fashion and beauty.

Income Report: $4,425


The Modest Man

Fashion Blog Examples

The Modest Man is a unique fashion blog example because it focuses on a very specific topic, which is fashion and style for short men. Brock, the creator of this blog, has clearly found an audience with this topic.

Income Report: $8,526


Fit Mommy in Heels

Examples of Fashion Blogs

Another example of a fashion blog is Fit Mommy in Heels. Lauren’s blog contains blog posts on fashion, shopping, and beauty, as well as fitness and lifestyle.

Income Report: $5,653


Health & Fitness Blog Examples

Health & fitness is a popular blog niche because people are always looking for tips on how to stay fit, eat healthier, lose weight, and lead healthy lifestyles.

You might consider starting a health & fitness blog if you are passionate about these topics and want to help others. You don’t have to be a health & fitness guru either in order to start your blog. People are always looking for real-life experiences and transformations to inspire them on their own journey.


Organize Yourself Skinny

Examples of Blogs

Organize Yourself Skinny is an excellent example of a health & fitness blog. This blog created by Tammy contains blog posts on various health & fitness topics including healthy meal prep, lifestyle hacks, and weight loss.

Income Report: $13,018



Fitness Blog Example

Another example of a health & fitness blog is Avocadu. Alex and Lauren write about weight loss for women, yoga, and healthy living on their blog.

Income Report: $20,000


Fit Mom Journey

Examples of Blogs

Fit Mom Journey is a health & fitness mom written by Gretchen. It focuses on ketogenic living, a topic within the health niche. There are blog posts in categories including keto recipes, information about the keto diet, and keto tips.

Income Report: $10,124


Green Thickies

Health Blog Example

One more example of a health & fitness blog is Green Thickies. This blog focuses on a very specific topic within the health & fitness niche, which is green smoothies for weight loss. Katherine, the creator of Green Thickies, lost over 50 pounds by drinking green smoothies, and shares her story on her blog.

Income Report: $15,534


Business Blog Examples

The “business” niche is a broad one and it can encompass various sub-topics. For example, online business, marketing, blogging, small business tips, and entrepreneurship can all fall under the umbrella of a business blog.

This is a popular niche because many people are interested in starting a successful business. Below are several examples of popular business blogs.


Start a Mom Blog

Examples of Blogs

Suzi Whitford’s Start a Mom Blog is an example of a business blog. Her blog is focused on teaching moms how to start successful blogs. She has blog posts on blogging tips, email marketing, and time management.

Income Report: $24,170


Love Family Health

Examples of Blogs

Love Family Health is another example of a business blog. This blog was created by Megan, a Pinterest marketing expert. Her business blog contains blog posts on a very specific topic within the business niche, Pinterest marketing.

Income Report: $11,974


Melyssa Griffin

Business Blog Examples

Melyssa Griffin is another example of a popular business blog. Melyssa’s blog contains blog posts on a variety of topics related to online business.

Income Report: $140,779


Examples of Blogs: Next Steps

Now that you have seen 30+ examples of blogs that are successful, I hope that you are feeling the inspiration to start your own blog!

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What are you waiting for? Starting a blog is easy and anyone can do it! All you need is a passion for blogging and a willingness to learn.


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