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First Blog Post Ideas

First Blog Post Ideas

Are you looking for first blog post ideas?

After you start your blog it can be daunting to write your first blog post. You might have so many ideas, but you don’t know where to begin.

As someone who has started five successful blogs, here are my top tips for writing your first blog post and getting your blog off to a strong start.

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What Should Your First Blog Post Be?

I’m going to be honest with you: your first blog post doesn’t matter that much.

The truth is, when you first start your blog, not that many people are going to see it in the beginning. Sure, you can share your new blog with friends and family, but beyond that, you aren’t likely to get much traffic to your blog at first.

So with that in mind, don’t feel too much pressure when trying to decide what to write for your first blog post. Chances are, very few people will see it in that first couple of weeks to a month of starting your new blog anyway.

You basically have two options for what your first blog post should be, which I will outline below. You can choose either of these options.

I’m also going to share what I think is MUCH more important than your first blog post, and what I think all new bloggers should focus on.



Option 1: Introduction Post

The first option for writing your first blog post is introducing yourself (and your blog) to the world. It’s a great way to officially launch your new blog.

This isn’t totally necessary, because as a new blogger, you should have also already created an “about me” page, which serves the same purpose.

The goal of your “about me” page is to give a little insight into who you are, why you started your blog, and how your blog can help your target audience.

But there’s no harm in restating the same thing (and maybe going a little deeper into your personal story) in an introductory blog post as well.

One of my favorite bloggers is Michelle from Making Sense of Cents. Michelle now runs one of the most successful and popular personal finance blogs in the world, and has published hundreds of great blog posts over the years.

But I went back to the very first beginning of her blog archives to take a look at her first blog post. It’s a super short and sweet introduction post.

If you want to write your own introduction post as your first blog post, I recommend making it a little longer and going into more detail. In your introduction post, you can share why you created your blog, your goals for your blog, and what you hope for your audience to get out of your blog.



Option 2: Dive Right In

The second option for writing your first blog post is to skip the introduction post, and dive right in writing a normal blog post within your niche.

Let’s say you are starting a food blog about vegan recipes. Instead of writing an introduction post as your first blog post, you might jump right in and share one of your favorite vegan dessert recipe for your first blog post.

Or if you are starting a mom blog and plan to cover multiple topics like pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting, you might pick one of those categories and start writing a blog post for it as your first blog post.

An example of a blogger who took the “dive right in” approach is Rachael from the book blog Book List Queen. Rather than writing an introduction post, her first blog post is titled “30 Books to Read Before You’re 30.” As the name of her blog implies, she is diving right in with book-related content for her first blog post.

This is also a totally acceptable way to start your blog. As I mentioned before, you should also have an “about me” page for your blog where you introduce yourself and share the mission of your blog. So if you want to, you can skip an introduction post and start writing actual content for your blog right away.


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My First Blog Post Recommendation

These are your two options for writing your first blog post.

Do you want to know my top recommendation for new bloggers?

It’s not what you might expect! The truth is, most people aren’t going to care what your first blog post is. It’s really not important! I had to go DEEP into the archives of the bloggers I mentioned above as examples to look for their first blog post. Most people aren’t going to have any reason to do that.

So rather than worrying about your first blog post, I would focus on writing and publishing 5-10 solid blog posts before you officially “launch” your blog.

This means before you start sharing it with friends and family, or promoting it on social media. Write your first blog post, and then write several more!

It’s okay if this takes you a while. In fact, I would dedicate your first month to just making sure your blog is set up properly and writing 5-10 blog posts.

By doing this, you ensure that when you officially launch your blog, you already have a solid base of content for people to read (instead of just one post.) It will also make promoting your new blog and getting traffic easier once you already have a small library of content to promote from.


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Types of Blog Posts You Should Write

If you are wondering what types of blog posts you should write as a new blogger, I put together a whole guide to the best types of blog posts.

As a quick overview, those types of blog posts are:

  • The Foundational Post
  • The Tips and Tricks Post
  • The List Post
  • The How To Post
  • The Round Up Post

You can read a detailed description of each blog post type (plus examples) in this guide. If you aren’t sure what kind of content to write on your new blog, this will give you some ideas of blog posts that are guaranteed to get traffic.


More Tips for Writing Blog Posts

I hope this guide on first blog post ideas helped you figure out what to write for your first blog post, and what to do as a new blogger for success.

There’s no right or wrong way to write your first blog post. The most important thing is to just get started! Remember that your first blog post is less important than writing 5-10 high-quality blog posts in the beginning.

Once you have written your first blog post, it only gets easier!

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