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Bluchic Themes Review

Bluchic Review: Feminine WordPress Themes

This post contains my honest Bluchic review.

Bluchic is a company that sells WordPress website themes.

Are you looking for a WordPress theme for your blog or website? If so, you might have come across Bluchic and you’re considering getting a theme from them.

I have been using Bluchic themes since 2017, and have worked with almost all of their themes at some point as a blogger and web designer.

I am writing this review to give you an overview of Bluchic, what exactly they offer, and my honest opinion on what their best themes are.


Bluchic Overview

Bluchic was founded by Kathy and Andrew Wiehanne in 2012. This husband-wife duo has worked together to create gorgeous feminine WordPress themes with female bloggers and business owners in mind.

With backgrounds in advertising and graphic design, Kathie and Andrew aimed to fill the gap in the WordPress theme market for themes that looks as good as the function. The result is beautiful WordPress themes perfect for bloggers, service-based business owners, ecommerce shop owners, and infopreneurs.

Note: To use any Bluchic themes, you will need a self-hosted WordPress blog. You can find out how to start a self-hosted WordPress blog in under an hour through my step-by-step guide How to Start a Blog for Beginners.


Bluchic Pros

There are quite a few pros to Bluchic themes, which is why I am constantly recommending them to other bloggers and business owners.

Here are a few of the things I like about Bluchic:

Excellent theme documentation: All of the themes come with written documentation AND video documentation. Most themes just provide one or the other, so this makes the Bluchic documentation a lot more helpful and easier to follow when you are setting up your theme for the first time.

Great customer support: Any time that I have had a question about my theme, I have filled out a support ticket and gotten a response in less than 24 hours.

Beautiful and functional themes: The Bluchic themes are beautiful, but that doesn’t mean they sacrifice any functionality for a pretty look!

Beginner-friendly themes: Even if you have never used WordPress or set up a WordPress theme before, Bluchic themes are easy to use and great for beginners. The intuitive design and thorough and helpful theme documentation makes it a breeze to set up your theme just like the demo in no time at all.


Bluchic Cons

I really can’t think of many cons to Bluchic.

Obviously, if you aren’t going for a feminine design for your website, Bluchic might not be the best choice since their entire niche is feminine WordPress themes.

Another issue for some people may be the price. With most themes priced at $100+, Bluchic themes can fall on the higher end of premium WordPress themes.

However, I believe the functionality and value provided at this price point is worth it, and with cheaper WordPress themes in the under $50 range, I’ve noticed they often lack a lot of the functionality that Bluchic themes provide.


5 Best Bluchic Themes

So now that you know the basics of Bluchic, here are my top five favorite themes!

I have worked with almost every Bluchic theme at some point as a blogger and web designer, so I feel pretty qualified to rank these themes the way that I am.

Here are my picks for the five BEST themes from Bluchic. These are my favorite themes that I would recommend for any blogger or business owner to use:


1. Victoria Theme

Victoria Theme Bluchic

This might be my favorite Bluchic theme – obviously, because it’s the theme I’m currently using on my blog! I’ve used this theme for several years now.

Victoria is a simple, professional, and versatile theme. It works for bloggers, service-based business owners, or infopreneurs.


2. Maggie Theme

Maggie Theme Bluchic

The Maggie theme is absolutely beautiful and perfect for any type of business owner, including service-based business owners, shop owners, and bloggers.

This theme has a professional, elegant look to it that I really like.


3. ChicServe Theme

ChicServe Theme Bluchic

ChicServe is one of Bluchic’s newest themes and is designed exclusively with service-based business owners in mind! I love the look of this theme, and there will be many similar themes in the new “Chic” line coming soon.


4. Isabelle Theme

Isabelle Theme Bluchic

Perfect for female bloggers, the Isabelle theme is simple and super chic. I love the blog post slider feature at the top of this theme.

If you’re looking for a classic blog theme, this is a good choice.


5. Paisley Theme

Paisley Theme Bluchic

Finally, Paisley is another great theme for bloggers, with a really streamlined and pretty layout. Perfect for female lifestyle bloggers.


Other Bluchic Products

In addition to WordPress themes, Bluchic sells social media templates and landing page templates. I have used both of these products and love them!

Landing Page Templates: These templates are designed to be used with the free page-building plugin Elementor. The set includes templates for sales pages, thank-you pages, tripwire pages, opt-in pages, and more. I currently use these templates for every landing page I have on my blog! They are SO easy to use and you can have a gorgeous landing page set up in just a few minutes.

Social Media Templates: The Bluchic social media templates contain templates for creating Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter graphics with over 15 variations to choose from. These templates are designed to be edited in the free graphic design program Canva, which is super simple to use. The templates also come with 10 free stock photos you can use in your graphics.


Final Thoughts

As a longtime Bluchic customer, I am very impressed with the themes and products they offer, which is why I always come back to them.

I have worked with many other themes, but I keep coming back to Bluchic because their themes are so pretty, functional, and easy to use.

Their landing page templates and social media templates are great too, and will give you the tools you need to build a successful business from scratch.

Overall, Bluchic is a great choice for female entrepreneurs who want a pretty and feminine design for their website. Bluchic is also a great choice for beginners, with easy set-up, thorough theme documentation, and great customer support.

I hope you found this Bluchic review helpful!


How to Start a Blog

Haven’t started a blog yet? In order to use any of these WordPress themes, you will need a self-hosted WordPress website first. Luckily, you can get started in under an hour and it costs less than $40 to start your blog!

I recommend Bluehost web hosting to new bloggers, because it’s $2.95 a month and you will get a FREE domain name with them. Once you’ve signed up for a web hosting account, you can install your Bluchic WordPress theme by following the instructions for the theme you purchased.

Read my How to Start a Blog for Beginners guide for step-by-step instructions!


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