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Blogging Tips

Is Blogging Dead? Here’s What to Know in 2022

Is Blogging Dead?

Is Blogging Dead? Here’s Your Answer Is blogging dead? Is blogging still relevant? And is blogging on the decline? These are the questions I’ve heard dozens of times over the years. People always wonder is it too late to start blogging? When I started blogging in 2017, naysayers were already claiming that blogging was dead, […]

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8 Successful Lifestyle Blog Niche Ideas

Lifestyle Blog Niche Ideas

Lifestyle Blog Niche Ideas Looking for lifestyle blog niche ideas you can use for your lifestyle blog? I’ve compiled this list of lifestyle blog niches that have great potential for traffic and income to help you find the perfect niche for your lifestyle blog! “Lifestyle” is probably one of the broadest blog niches out there. A […]

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6 Profitable Travel Blog Niche Ideas

Travel Blog Niche Ideas

Travel Blog Niche Ideas Looking for travel blog niche ideas that are popular and profitable? You’re in the right place! For over three years, I ran a successful travel blog before eventually selling it. This is a niche I have a LOT of personal experience with, and I am passionate about it. Having a unique […]

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What Does Blog Stand For? Here’s the Meaning!

What Does Blog Stand For?

What Does Blog Stand For? What does blog stand for? You might have heard the term “blog” before but not understood what it means or what it stands for. Or maybe you’re wondering is blog short for something? Trust me, you’re not alone in asking these questions! Here’s the meaning of the word “blog” and […]

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