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10 Signs You Should Start a Blog

Are you wondering if you should start a blog? Here are the top 10 signs that you should start a blog today if you’ve ever wondered, is blogging for me?

Starting a blog was honestly the best decision I ever made. I went back and forth on it for a long time, but I’m so glad that I finally did it.

I went from…

  • Being a broke college student with $30,000 in student loan debt
  • Worrying that I would be stuck in a 9-to-5 job I hated for the rest of my life
  • Thinking I’d only be able to take 3 weeks of vacation per year if I was lucky

To starting a blog and within a few years I had…

  • Paid off my $30,000 student loan debt in just 9 months
  • Quit my 9-to-5 job to work for myself
  • Earned multiple six figures from blogging
  • Created a career that I love and am passionate about
  • Traveled the world working from my laptop

So it’s an understatement to say I’m glad I started a blog!

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If you have been thinking about starting a blog but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, here are 10 undeniable signs that you should start a blog:


1. It’s always at the back of your mind.

One of the BIGGEST signs you should start a blog is if it’s an idea that is always at the back of your mind that you just can’t seem to shake.

If the idea of starting a blog has intrigued you for weeks, months, or even years, but you haven’t acted on it yet, what are you waiting for?

I spent over six months thinking about starting a blog (with one false start where I gave up after a few weeks) before I finally committed to it! Taking those initial steps to just START are the hardest, but you will be so glad that you did it.

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2. You enjoy writing.

Blogging isn’t JUST about writing, but that is a big part of it.

While you will do many other things as a blogger (marketing, social media, graphic design, technology, etc.) writing blog posts is at the heart of it!

You don’t need to be the world’s best writer in order to be a successful blogger. But you do need to enjoy it! While it’s true you can outsource blog post writing to freelance writers, you probably won’t have the budget for that in the beginning.

So it’s important that you enjoy writing and can sit down and do it for at least a few hours every week without getting tired or bored of it.


Signs to Start a Blog


3. People tell you that you should start a blog.

Have you ever had anyone tell you that you should start a blog about something?

This is a great sign that you should actually do it!

Usually, people say this when you have a wealth of information about a certain topic and are great at explaining it and sharing it with others.

Do you make the most delicious food that people always ask the recipe for? Start a food blog! Are you constantly getting compliments on your travel photography and friends and family ask you for tips on planning their next trip? Start a travel blog! Could you spend hours talking about saving money, budgeting, and investing and giving others money advice? Start a personal finance blog!

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If you’ve ever heard from friends and family that you should start a blog, that may be a sign that it’s time for you to finally do it and share your voice!


4. You’re a creative person.

Have you always been creative and want a way to channel your creativity? If so, you’ll love blogging! Blogging is a great creative outlet.

Blogging is also the perfect job for introverts, who are often very creative people.

As a blogger, you can be creative through writing blog posts, taking and editing photos for your blog, designing your website, and creating social media graphics. There are endless opportunities to get creative and think outside the box.


Craft Blog Post Ideas


5. You enjoy helping others.

While blogging can be a great creative outlet for you, it’s also an incredible way to help other people. This is one of my favorite things about blogging!

If you enjoy helping others succeed and achieve their goals, then starting a blog is the perfect thing for you. It allows you to share what you’re good about and help and inspire others. For example, if you have successfully lost weight through diet and exercise, you might consider starting a fitness blog to share your story with others and help them achieve the same results.

However you are best suited to help people, you can reach a larger audience and impact more people by starting a blog about that topic.


6. Technology is kind of your thing.

Are you tech-savvy and always keeping up with the latest tech trends?

Blogging will be a breeze for you!

That’s not to say that you MUST be technical in order to start a blog. The tech side of blogging is honestly not as complicated as you might think. But you’ll definitely have less of a learning curve if you already are good with technology.


How to Blog Anonymously


7. You enjoy learning new things.

This is kind of related to the reason above. Even if you know nothing about blogging yet, it will be a good fit for you if you’re willing to learn.

People who enjoy learning new things and solving problems are less likely to get frustrated and give up on blogging, and more likely to succeed.

As a blogger, you will have to learn a lot of new skills that are probably new to you. This includes things like WordPress, writing for SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, product creation, sales funnels, and so on.

If you like to learn and see this as a fun challenge rather than something overwhelming and difficult, you are more likely to succeed at blogging.

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8. You’re self-motivated.

Are you self-motivated? Basically, this means you are motivated to succeed because of your own personal enthusiasm and interest, and not external factors.

Self-motivated people will have an easier time with blogging, because unlike a typical job, you don’t have a boss telling you what to do.

Everything is completely up to YOU. You set your own schedule, you decide when to work and what to do, and you determine how to monetize your blog. If working like this sounds appealing to you, then it’s a sign you should start a blog!


Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas


9. You want to be your own boss.

One of the things I love most about blogging is that I am my own boss. Building off of what I said above, as a self-motivated person, I thrive when I’m in charge and don’t have somebody else telling me what to do. I always knew a 9-to-5 job wasn’t for me, and so I really enjoy the freedom of working for myself .

If you have also dreamed of being your own boss rather than working for someone else, blogging is a good business for you to start.


10. Quitting is not an option for you.

Finally, a sign that you should start a blog is if you don’t give up easily.

Did you know that most new bloggers give up within the first year?

If you understand that blogging is a long-term game and are prepared to commit to it, you are more likely to succeed. Many new bloggers get frustrated and give up at the first challenge they face. If quitting isn’t an option for you, then your success is inevitable and you should definitely start a blog.


Should You Start a Blog?

These are the top signs that you should start a blog.

If one or more of these signs resonated with you, I would recommend starting a blog. Blogging has one of the lowest startup costs of any business (you can get started for under $50) but one of the highest potentials for profit.

Click here for my guide on how to start a blog.

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